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Crochet Pattern Crocheted Jellyfish Mobile


Are you still looking for decoration for your baby's room? Our Jellyfish-Mobile made of small, crocheted jellyfish is an absolute eye-catcher and will definitely bring a smile to your little one's face. These and many other great crochet tutorials can be found in the book "Crochet - How It Works" by Lydia Tresselt, published by GU.

Material: cotton yarn (100% cotton, running length 63 m / 50 g), 30 g in natural for 1 jellyfish, eg. B. SCM Catania Grande, crochet hook in size 4, 35 yellow beads for 1 jellyfish

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Final size: diameter 8 cm, length 20 cm


You crochet in spirals, that is, you do not close the rounds (Rd) with Kettmaschen (Ktm). For better orientation, place a stitch marker in the first stitch of the round. You start the project by crocheting 6 solid loops (fM) into a string of thread and then tightening it. Sequences between (*) are repeated.
1st round: 2 sc in each st (M) of the round (fMzun) (= 12 sts).
Round 2: Repeat the following sequence 6 times: * 1 fM, fMzun in the following M * (= 18 M).
3rd round: repeat 6 times: * 2 fM, fMzun * (= 24 sts).
4th round: 6 times: * 3 fM, fMzun * (= 30 m).
5th round: 6 times: * 4 fM, fMzun * (= 36 m).
6th round: 6 times: * 5 fM, fMzun * (= 42 sts).
7th to 10th round: 1fM in each st (= 42 sts).
Round 11: 6 times: * Cut 2 dc together (▸ page 27), 5 dc * (= 36 sts).

Strings of pearls:
They crochet two chains of 10 Lm chains and 15 Lm chains. First thread a corresponding number of beads on the yarn.

10 pearls: crochet 10 times in alternation 1 ch with pearl and 2 ch without pearl. Then work 8 ch, cut the yarn and pull the twine through the last ch.
15 pearls: Crochet 15 times alternately 1 ch with and 1 ch without pearl. Then crochet another 12 ch, cut the yarn and pull the yarn through the last ch.

The winding is caused by unilateral increase (▸ page 26, 46) on the Lm chain.
1. Tentacle: Crochet a ch-line of 31 ch and then work in the 2nd ch next to the needle and in the following 14 ch with 2 sc (fMzun) each. Crochet alternately in the other ch: * 1 dc, 1 dc in the following m *.
2. Tentacle: Begin with an Lm chain of 36 lm. Then continue as described for the 1st tentacle.

Sew the cords and tentacles centered inside the coping. Then attach a hanging thread to the top of the coping. Finished - and already the graceful jellyfish floats.


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