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Beikost grain porridge for babies stir themselves

Beikost (April 2019).


The cereal porridge is often the first evening meal for your baby. He should be well-fed and provide your little sweetheart with valuable minerals. What you should consider when preparing, we tell you here.

After you have successfully introduced the midday porridge for your baby, you may now want to start the evening porridge. The porridge is a good choice, because it tastes slightly sweet due to the natural sweetness of the grain used - even without added sugar. There are different ways to touch the cereal porridge. Here's what you should look out for.

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General information about the cereal porridge for babies

There is a wide selection of cereal products in supermarkets and drugstores. You can use ready-mixed jars or cereal flakes that you can mix with milk, milk or even breast milk. In any case, make sure that the product contains no added sugar. This is unnecessary in the porridge for your baby or toddlers and can increase the risk of tooth decay in your offspring.

The type of cereal you use depends on the taste of your baby. Not every baby likes every grain! Many start with oatmeal because they contain a lot of iron and are usually well tolerated. If you or your child's father have gluten intolerance, you should discuss with the pediatrician if your baby should be given gluten-derived cereals or not.

Grain egg with whole milk

There are different recommendations as to when you should mix a cereal with whole milk with a baby. It's best to talk to your pediatrician or midwife here. From the tenth month of life, whole milk in grain porridge is considered harmless, some parents start even earlier with the whole milk in cereals, others only after the first birthday. To do this, cook the amount of whole milk indicated on the package briefly on the stove and let it cool down to about 40 degrees. According to the package instructions, stir in cereal flakes, allow the porridge to swell briefly and then cool very well.

Cereal porridge with milk food

Prepare the indicated amount of milk food by boiling water, let it cool to 40 degrees and stir in the milk powder. If the water is still too hot when stirred in, valuable vitamins in the milk formula can be destroyed. Now, according to the package instructions, stir in the cereal flakes and allow the porridge to be briefly thickened and allowed to cool.

Cereal porridge with breast milk

Especially at the beginning of the introduction of cereal porridge in your child, breast milk makes the flakes particularly beneficial for your baby, as it is already used to them. In addition, the cereal porridge tastes particularly good to many babies with breast milk! To do this, pump out the recommended amount of breastmilk and mix directly with the cereal flakes. Do not be surprised by the consistency: The enzymes in the breast milk can cause the cereal to quickly become liquid again. The grain is almost pre-digested by the mother's milk. Especially at the beginning of the introduction of Beikost many children but like the rather liquid porridge very much. You can vary the preparation of the porridge and find out what your baby tastes best.

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