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Office chair in the test. Back problems at the desk

Tips for avoiding back pain during desk jobs (June 2019).


There are many trends. But what are they good for? We test for you outside methods and products that promise health and well-being. This month: Can an office chair loosen your back?

Actually, I know better: I should sit nicely upright, when I work at the desk. Change my position every now and then, do not hang over my documents completely wrong, move something in between and just keep my legs from falling over. So far the theory. If only with the implementation would not be so difficult. Again and again I catch myself in the most impossible postures - including shoulder and neck tension. I just forget to sit sensibly. And my office chair does not think at all. I agree! My chair is to blame. With a "smarter" model that would certainly be different. Is that really it? I want to know that now.

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My high-tech test object of the brand Haider hears the beautiful name "Bioswing 460". That sounds healthy and dynamic - with the necessary portion of technical expertise. At first, though, I'm struggling to get the massive device out of the box. Quite difficult - or, in positive terms: stable. Even at first glance, it is striking that the seat has a very unusual attachment. He lies on four massive springs. Stand and seat are decoupled. It looks a bit strange, but feels great. Aahhh! - I'm thrilled after just five minutes on the new chair. My back gets really light. Even hours later, I'm sitting absolutely comfortably - without having to do much for it. That actually takes over my clever office furniture. Because the chair is movable on all sides and permanently in use.

Further information

The "Bioswing 460" is available from specialist dealers. Price: from about 1195 euros, simpler models from 665 euros, as a swivel stool about 400 euros. Information: Haider Bioswing, Tel. 0 92 34/99 22-0,

On every impulse, the special suspension seat responds with mini-vibrations, which the body in turn responds to with barely noticeable muscle activity. The constant interplay between vibration and movement, load and release should particularly appeal to the deep-seated muscles that connect the individual vertebral bodies, I read in the extensive manual. This means: relief for the intervertebral discs. In addition, the number of movement impulses in the nervous system should increase. With positive effects on posture, body awareness and even mental performance. Can I concentrate better now? Hard to say. At any rate, I feel fit. And my typical rigid posture, which tends to cramp shoulders and neck, has no chance with this chair. That's the main thing for me.

Conclusion: On such a well thought-out part, it is really much more relaxed than on the usual standard furniture, in which at best seat tilt and backrest pressure can be adjusted. I would not like to give up my swinging pedestal anymore. With the proud price but unfortunately I have no choice. Had I a home office, I would certainly think about investing in a "Bioswing".


Eva Hübbe

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