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Psychology Small breasts - femininity in every cup size

Why Do Men Love Big Breasts? | Psychology of Sex (April 2019).


Many women with small breasts suffer from the pressure of the media public, which idealizes a large bust as a symbol of femininity. That does not have to be, we find. A plea for more self-confidence with each cup size.

Am I less "woman" with small breasts?

Failure to live up to the ideal - an apparent failure of one's body to meet the demands of society can trigger deep emotional problems. Fear of being neither attractive nor feminine enough employs many women with small breasts.Dissatisfaction with one's own body can intensify to the emotional crisis in which sufferers doubt their femininity.

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We find that every woman is beautiful just as she is.

By genetic disposition, the blueprint of our body is already designed before we could ever express a wish. Hair structure and color, eye color and whether we have big or small breasts, are fixed and we may in the end only marvel at the result. And we do that too - but unfortunately most of the others.

As we admire the bobbing curls of our best friend and envy her cleavage, we too often scorn our own body with contempt. We forget to love ourselves for our individuality and unique beauty attributes.

In addition to the genetic disposition hormones have an influence on the size of the breasts - the higher our estrogen and progesterone, the larger the breasts can be. In women with small breasts, fewer of these hormones are transported to the breast cells, leaving the breast smaller.

Small breasts - so what ?!

We say: Love your individuality! Femininity is far too complex to be reduced to the size of the breasts, the roundness of the post or the length of your legs. Limits? We do not know. We prefer to see possibilities and are happy about what we have:

Nice cleavage despite small breasts

Your décolleté does not seem to suit you at first glance? Of course, busty women can flaunt a great cleavage. But is that always appropriate? As a woman with small breasts, you may also like to wear a deep neckline without pushing the limits of modesty.

Just try fashion trends

Halter Top or Bandeau Bikini? A horror for many women with big bosom - you can enjoy without annoying bra the summer weather in a halter top and on the beach you plunge without convulsive clinging of the top in the waves.

Shopping for lingerie is fun

Actually, the bra originally served the supporting function of the breast. Of course, other needs are now met - the pushes one up, the other in the middle together, the other has only half cups, so he fits under the top with the great neckline. While you stroll through the lingerie department with glowing eyes and have to choose only which noble piece you like particularly well, are women with big breasts before completely different problems - here stop is the alpha and o and optics is sometimes only in second place Location.

Back pain? No thanks.

You probably have back pain more often. But with you it's probably more the wrong move after getting up or the bad office chair. Logically, women with small breasts suffer less frequently from back problems caused by the weight of the breast.

Relationship problems because of small breasts?

To say it in advance: in a partnership you should always love the other person as he is. Where the happiness of the relationship depends on ideal parameters of beauty, sincerity and love may not be the basis and the relationship itself may need to be reconsidered. But do not burden your partnership with unnecessary self-doubt or even reproaches - if you have been with your partner for some time, then emerging problems in no way due to alleged blemishes. Trust the other to love you the way he met you: with your little breasts.In retrospect, doubting the sincerity of emotions can lead to serious problems.

And if you are still looking for the right one, we can assure you one thing: the one who chooses his partner according to the size of her breasts is definitely not. One more frog you do not have to kiss - and one more reason to believe in yourself and your own beauty. We do it.


Rise Heinze

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