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Flechtfrisur Flip Braid braiding

HOW TO: Pull Through Braid Short Hair Tutorial | Milabu (June 2019).


This braid is no problem even for braid beginners. The Flip Braid is braided in front of the face or under the chin. This not only protects the arms, but makes the lichen itself very manageable.

That's what you need for the Flip Braid

The Flip Braid is a casual braid that falls very loose and out of which quickly pulls one or the other strand of hair. But do not panic, this light "out of bed look" is desired, because the loose hair strands make the braid look very romantic and playful. The best thing about the Flip Braid, however, is the braiding itself: Equipped with a mirror, a hair brush and a transparent hair band, re-braiding is a breeze even for beginners.

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Braiding a flip braid

Especially those who are in a hurry in the morning or in the evening before going out has no great desire to invest a lot of time in the hairstyle will love the Flip Braid. For braiding the braid, simply pull a clean center part and divide the hair into two equally thick strands of hair that hang over each shoulder. Before the hair is plaited under the chin as normal to a braid, it should be thoroughly brushed again. The braid runs narrow lengthwise and should be held together at the tips of the hair with a thin braid. If the rubber fits, the braid just has to be "flipped" backwards carefully - and the hip Flip Braid hairstyle is ready.

Tip: So that the braid withstands humidity and wind, it is worth fixing the whole thing with fine hair spray.

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