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11 Genius Ways to Wear Clip In Hair Extensions (June 2019).


Jennifer Lopez has her, Beyoncé and half Hollywood: A flowing mane. With a hair extension you fulfill the dream of long hair, even without waiting for three years.

Long, flowing hair is still one of the biggest wishes of many women when it comes to beauty. The easiest way to get there fast: Extensions.The change of hairstyle from "short" or "medium" to "rapunzellang" succeeds in just a few hours - if you pay attention to a few things.

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The agony of choice

The first decision you need to make at the hairdresser you trust: Do you want hairstyle extensions?The latter is more expensive, but looks much neat. The right color choice is also crucial for an optimal result. Let yourself be sufficiently advised in this regard and spend in doubt rather a few euros more.

The next step is to decide on a hair extension method :

  • Weaving: Especially gentle, as the hair strands of the human hair are woven very close to the scalp. The hair is not burdened with an adhesive.
  • Clip-in extensions: They are simply clipped into the hair and can therefore be removed at will. The disadvantage: Often one sees the individual connectors, if they were not fastened correctly. The clip-ins are also offered as a DIY method; However, a hairdresser's visit is advisable in any case, since it is idle to fix the hairpieces themselves advantageous.
  • Ultrasound: The foreign hair is attached in fine strands of Keratinplättchen. They are put on the own hair and treated with ultrasound. If you let the hair treat again with ultrasound, the connection dissolves again.
  • Gluing: The synthetic hair is glued to the human hair. Keratin or high-grade plastics are usually used as the adhesive substance. The bond between real and synthetic hair is called "bonding" in this "hot" method.

Cost and duration of the lion's mane

The prices depend primarily on whether you choose real or synthetic hair, whether you order extensions online or directly from the hairdresser and, of course, how expensive the respective hairdresser himself is. Basically, 50 to 60 centimeters high-quality extensions cost around 2, 000 euros. On the other hand, cheaper is the weaving method, for which you pay about 400 euros (if the extensions were ordered online).

The new hair will last about three to four months. The duration of course depends on the right care. Thus, alcohol-containing care products and too high heat stress can solve the extensions. Styling upside down or rubbing your hair dry is also not a good idea.

Finally, a good news: Extensions are basically not harmful to the hair and scalp. But if you have a sensitive scalp, you should talk to a dermatologist first.

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