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What's the Most Natural Looking Foundation? ? Tinted Moisturizer, Skin Tint, CC Cream & Foundation (June 2019).


Even as the BB cream came on the market, the enthusiasm in the beauty world was great. The product combines the nourishing effect of a day cream, with the covering, mattifying properties of a foundation. Even CC and DD creams promise a lot as true all-round talents. The newest care highlight is the EE cream. We explain what is behind the tinted moisturizer and which cream is suitable for your skin type.

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What we do not do everything for an even skin appearance and radiant, natural appearance. Not only the daily facial care contributes to this, but also the perfect make-up. Because the tinted day cream combines both aspects, it is considered a true all-rounder in cosmetics: soothing care for our face and a light foundation for a rosy complexion and freshness. But what does BB, CC, DD and EE actually stand for and which cream is best for your skin type? Which toned day cream is best for blemished and oily skin? Which with dry skin? And which care is best for sensitive skin? We give answers.

Toned day care overview

Blemish Balm Cream

The BB cream is a real all-rounder and combines the characteristics of the decorative with those of nourishing cosmetics. As a daily skin care with integrated sun protection factor, it ensures a flawless, even complexion. Small bumps are covered, lumps of pigment are concealed and the skin is additionally moisturized.

This cream is ideal for women with pure skin, which has only slight blemishes. If you are looking for a day care that also acts as a light make-up, then you should resort to the BB cream.

Complexion Correction Cream

The CC cream does not only cover, but also hides pigmentation spots, pale facial skin or permanent redness. It contains rich active ingredients and also a higher UV protection, whereby a special care effect is achieved.

The cream is suitable for impure, color-changed skin, which tends to redness. Are you looking for a foundation for make-up or a tinted day cream that has a stronger pigmentation and higher hiding power than the BB cream? Then a CC cream is the perfect choice.

Dynamic do-all cream

This cream acts as a BB / CC hybrid, combining the best properties of both products and is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is moisturizing, nourished by highly concentrated antioxidants and preserves the natural balance of the skin.

In addition, the DD cream is active against the first signs of aging, cushions wrinkles and refines the appearance of the skin. Especially with regular use, a noticeable effect can be achieved. The cream is also suitable for combination or sensitive skin and convinces by more opacity and care.

Even effect cream

The EE cream the newest product under the tinted day care. Products of this type reduce pigmentation, brighten the complexion and ensure an even skin appearance. Baicalin or travel extract is responsible for reducing pigmentation. Moisture donates hyaluronic acid. This acid also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for mature skin so.

Application of tinted moisturizer

The tinted day cream is applied after facial cleansing in the morning. Free your face of nocturnal sweat and sebum excess with a cleansing lotion or a wash gel. Then cleanse your skin with tonic and then use the tinted day cream. Then you can make-up as usual.

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