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Beauty Tester Make beauty drinks more beautiful?

5 Natural Ways to Get Clear Skin & Detox: Testing Our Moms Beauty Tips + Rituals! (June 2019).


Sounds almost too good to be true: beauty drinks should give a younger look and be health-promoting. Does it work? We have tested a few of the drinks for you.

Nicole tested the "Ocóo Beauty Drink"

Nicole tested the "Ocóo Beauty Drink".

"It does not just look good, it's good too."

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First impression:The bottle looks very stylish. The contents are also impressive: açaí, pomegranate, cranberry, grapes, etc. In addition, there are also vital substances. The red juice tastes pleasantly fresh.

Conclusion:I can see no change in my skin, but I feel after a month really good and fit.

"Ocóo Beauty Drink", 30 bottles of 250 ml, about 89 Euro

Sophie tested "Regulatpro Hyaluron"

Sophie tested "Regulatpro Hyaluron".

"Get me ready for spring."

I ask myself, how does the hyaluron I drink get into my connective tissue? The small portion in the morning tastes wonderfully fruity. According to the manufacturer, the cell energy is increased, the skin cells are renewed!

Conclusion:I have already after ten days the impression that my skin looks clearer and radiant.

"Regulatpro Hyaluron", Regulat Beauty, 20x20 ml, ca. 67 Euro

Julia tested "ELASTEN"

Julia tested "ELASTEN".

"My skin feels really good."

A sip for the beauty. The drinking collagen should compensate for deficiency symptoms and reduce wrinkles. For this I have to take an ampoule of acerola fruit extract with vitamins C and E, biotin and zinc daily.

Conclusion:Top! After four weeks, my skin is more elastic. Great side effect: It also works with dry body parts.

"ELASTEN", 28x25 ml, about 89.95 Euro

Susanne tested "RINGANAchi"

Susanne tested "RINGANAchi".

"A really sharp energy booster."

Spring Tired? That does not apply to me this year. "Chi" by Ringana is a power drink that has it all. Ginseng, pineapple, lemon, acerola, maca, koff a & ginger bring the freshness kick for the day. The energy booster tastes quite hot, but also fruity.

Conclusion:I feel fitter, wide awake, with rayon and the certain glow.

"RINGANAchi", set of 12, 42.70 euros

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