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Sometimes our make-up zooms around: The mascara clumps, the lipstick disappears too fast and the glitter nail polish does not go down from the nails. With our tricks you have your beauty products firmly under control.

Actually we want to make sure that we look even better with make-up - but then the mascara clumps, the eyes look small and tired and the lipstick beautifies the Prosecco glass, but not our lips. We know these problems - and help with small but nice make-up tricks.With these little helpers, make-up succeeds in no time and lasts the whole day. Maybe you already know one or the other of our make-up tips?Then be glad how well prepared you already are.

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1) Mascara blobs

It always happens when you are in a hurry in the morning: The eyelashes bend backwards when you take a quick shower and lots of mascara splashes on the eyelid. To avoid these stains, you can just hold a business card between the eyelashes and eyelids, which can then land the mascara.

2) Wipe and go

Did you forget the business card again and now you covered your eyelid with unsightly black blots? Then do not wipe it in a panic! Make-up, let the mascara dry and then rub a dry cotton swab over the stains. It is hard to believe how easily the stains are erased.

3) Big eyes

You want to make your eyes bigger? Then just use a white kohl on the bottom waterline instead of a black one.

4) Eyelash Curler

Sometimes we could use a curling iron for the lashes for the perfect swing. We'll "make it" ourselves: blow-dry your eyelash curler for a few seconds before using it.

5) Make lipstick durable

From practice, we all know: After an hour at the latest, our lipstick mysteriously disappeared - and we constantly want to add on a fun girl's night not! With this trick you make your lipstick last longer: Make-up lips, squeeze them on a handkerchief and powder with a little transparent powder. Then you can apply the second layer of lipstick.

6) Prefer not to pump

Our mascara dries slowly, so we pump around with the brush like wild in the tube to get more product on the brush. But that's exactly the mistake: By pumping you press air into the packaging, which causes the ink to dry out even more.

7) Make old out of old

Once dry, eyelash tuning is no longer fun because the product is only crumbling. Simply add one or two eye drops to your mascara and mix them carefully with the brush. Already she is supple again.

8) Dense and long

Currently, great basic mascaras are offered, which should make our hair look even longer and voluminous. You can save yourself this investment: Just apply a little powder to your eyelashes before applying make-up, and you'll be ready for a long and long time.

9) Even denser

Even denser eyelashes you get through the so-called "tightlining". For this you do not have to draw an accurate eyeliner, but with an eyeliner simply paint the spaces between your eyelashes black.

10) Glitter, go!

Often we do not want to apply the great glitter nail polish because we know that the removal becomes a torture. Quite simply, the nail polish goes off with this trick: Cut a cotton pad in four equal parts and soak each part with nail polish remover. Make ten small pads - one for each finger. Place one of the pads on each nail and wrap a piece of aluminum foil around your finger so that the pad is fixed. If you remove the film five minutes later, you can easily wipe the nail polish off the nail.

11) Supple

Your kohl is too dry and scratch the eye? Simply hold the tip over a lighter flame for a few seconds, then allow it to cool for about ten seconds. Now you can use the pen without any problems.

12) highlight

You want your eyes to look awake and tall? Just apply a highlighter or light eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye, on the center of the eyelid and under the brow bow, before moving on to darker colors.

13) Adhesive Cat-Eye

For the perfect cat's eye you need a steady hand and a lot of patience. Or an adhesive strip: Stick an adhesive strip next to your eye so that it extends the line of your lower lash line to the end of your brow. Make-up your eye as usual up to the adhesive strip. If you pull this off, they have created an exact line - the perfect cat's eye.

14) spooned off

Even on the lower eyelashes will be mulled like with mascara: just hold a small plastic spoon with the curved side forward under the eyelashes while you shower.

15) Fixed seat

Hair clips always slip out of the hairstyle? Just spray them with a little hairspray before they get stuck in your hair - and also point the waves down.

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