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Addicted to Plastic Surgery | My Story (w/ photos) (June 2019).


Cosmetic surgery is often criticized, it is pointed out the risks and pleaded for natural beauty. And yet the business is successful as never before. But how dangerous are the interventions? What options are there to be given extensive advice and what should be taken into particular consideration when planning an intervention?

The number of cosmetic surgeries has been steadily increasing for years. The business of beauty is booming and surgeons' practices are jam-packed. When talking about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, many people think of breast enlargement or rhinoplasty directly. However, there are also numerous new interventions to the everyday life of the doctors; The operations are becoming increasingly unusual and it has spread a veritable beauty craze. We explain what you should consider when planning a procedure.

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1. Inform yourself!

The Internet is littered with offers from various doctors who offer all sorts of interventions in their practices. Here it means: take time and find out about various offers and treatment options. For example, if you desire breast augmentation or liposuction, you will quickly find out in your research that there is more than one way to perform such procedures. In the ideal case, let more than one doctor advise you in an initial interview and thus educate yourself about all alternatives. After all, if you decide on a surgeon, ask yourself: am I comfortable with this doctor? Do I feel well advised and will all my questions be answered comprehensively and in detail? Only then should you go to the doctor - do not make any compromises! In any case, do not be tempted by special low prices or even special offers. After all, this is about your health and has no known price.

2. Risks and costs of a beauty operation

When considering pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, one usually comes to the same result. Pro: the positive optical change and the rising self-confidence. Cons: the possible risks and the costs.
Plastic surgery automatically entails serious risks. For example, an embolism, thrombosis or infection may occur. Let yourself be informed by your doctor and be suspicious if he should sweep possible side effects under the carpet. Other risks often come with the idea of ​​the outcome of the surgery. It can remain unsightly scars that are larger than expected or the result generally does not meet your expectations.
The prices for plastic surgery vary from doctor to doctor, but can usually be limited to a certain scope. For example, the costs of breast augmentation in Germany are between € 4, 000 and € 7, 000, for liposuction between € 2, 000 and € 6, 000, depending on the size of the procedure.

3. The healing process

Many people are so excited about the idea of ​​an intervention that they miss the time after surgery in their planning. When you decide to undergo surgery, you realize that the healing process takes some time and the likelihood is high that you will first struggle with pain. It is advisable to get help in advance; Your partner or family member is best to take care of you during the first few weeks after the procedure to avoid stress and to give you the best chance of optimal recovery.

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