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5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair | Luxy Hair (June 2019).


FOR YOU will show you how to use the straightener to create beautiful curls and waves in your hair - without the help of a hairdresser.

Did you know that a flat iron can not only smooth, but also conjure curls in your hair? Those who are not blessed with natural curls but want to follow the trend towards curly hair can take advantage of the gift ribbon curling principle. So you can easily come to a perfect styling.

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What you need

Straightener, hairclip, heat protection spray, hair spray


  1. Brush your hair well. Perfectly hold the curls in your hair when it is not freshly washed. The second day after the wash is usually the best day for special hairstyles, since the hair is then more handy.
  2. Divide now the first strand. The remaining hair can be put away with the hair clip.
  3. Put the straightener on the hairline and pull it down with a strong pull, first turning the straightener 180 ° and pulling it to the end of the strand. Here you put down the straightener. Try out the best curls in your hair and vary the angle of rotation if necessary. If you keep the flat iron horizontal, you will get softer waves. Vertically held, the straightener turns your hair into beautiful corkscrew curls.
  4. Prepare strand by strand. The most difficult are the strands on the back of the head. Here maybe a friend can help you.
  5. If the curls should fall compactly, spray on only the hair spray as a finish. For the "Beachy Waves Look" comb your hair with your fingers slightly and then fix the waves with a little hairspray. If your pony is rather short, leave it in the natural state. If it is a bit longer and should also be slightly curly, use the technique with the flat iron on the entire pony party, so that the curls are not too wrinkled.

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