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How do you strike the right tone? Women tell, styling experts give answers. Tips and tricks for dyeing.

How do I find the right hair color? "Ideally, you should stay close to the natural color and look at the coloration like make-up, " advises Christophe Robin, coloration expert for L'Oréal Paris. "The best color is one or two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color."

Are the ingredients of colors harmful? "Hair colors are safe!", Says Martin Uellner, category manager color at Goldwell. "Government agencies and manufacturers monitor it regularly." Studies have failed to substantiate speculation on hair cancer risk. Like many other consumables, they can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, a compatibility test is recommended before use.

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How to prevent yellowing when bleaching? Andrea Bennett, Aveda Hair Color Development Manager: "By applying the bleaching perfectly, allowing it to take effect long enough, and then treating the hair appropriately, for example with targeted care such as shampoos and rinsing with violet pigments against yellowing."
When coloring yourself, the result is often different than you had imagined. Why? Britta Klebon, scientific department Garnier: "The application instructions may not have been followed exactly. Was the exposure time kept? Does the basic hair color really look like the package? Has the tint / coloration been applied to natural or pre-colored hair? "All these points can affect the color result. "My tip: If you are staggering between two tones, choose the brighter nuance in the color selection and follow all application instructions."

Do 10-minute colorings strain hair more than a classic color? "No, with 10-minute colorations, a stronger chemistry is needed, but the exposure time is shorter, " explains dr. Lutger Neumann, L'Oréal Professionnel Products. "Normal colorations work longer, but are weaker in chemical composition. What's certain is that the 10-minute colors do not look so much more distressing. "Some flash colorants actually put less strain on hair because they only use more pigments. But there are limits to the possibilities of coloring.

Is it possible to reduce the chemical lobe? Yes, with colorations that respond to the need for naturalness, such as "Essensity" from Schwarzkopf Professional fragrance free, silicone, paraffin and mineral oils, parabens and formaldehyde derivatives. Or with the physical permanent coloring "Elumen" by Goldwell. Martin Uellner, Goldwell: "Anyone who does not like classic colouration can use plant colors."

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