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Latest Beautiful hairstyle for Long Hair | Trendy hairstyles for Party/wedding | hair style girl (April 2019).


Honey, I was at the barber! We show 12 trend hairstyles of the stars that inspire us with cuts, pigtails and color. These hair trend styles will love you.

12 trendy star hairstyles

Shiny parted for a film-mature appearance

The French actress Marion Cotillard (38) combs her hair tightly to the head, turns the lengths on large winder, lets them jump on the neck and shimmer with shine spray.

Tip for anyone who wants to imitate this hairstyle: straighten your hair before you start styling. That's the way it works best >>

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Short and good and nice fast

For her role as "The Queen" Helen Mirren (68) got the Oscar. Your Bob deserves an award as a time saver: let it dry, blow dry over a small round brush and fix with spray.

Do you also wear a bob? Then try our three favorite styles >>

Extension for the classic bob

Australian actress Cate Blanchett (44) has grown her bobsleigh. She teases the approach, so that the hairstyle has a good stand. The tips are blown over the round brush to the inner roll.

Too long hair for this look? We recommend the faux-bob. How it looks like and how it works is explained here >>

Shortly something new for experimentation

The creamy ivory tone of actress Michelle Williams (33) is a few shades away from her natural color. Since short hair dyeing copes well, it is perfect for experimentation.
Our color tip: The Ombre Style >>

Redhead - at least for a while

Rachel McAdams (34) was born as a blonde. The Canadian actress has tried many color phases and is now blushing gently. The tone makes her complexion look pretty transparent.
The FOR YOU type advice for ladies with red hair >>

Lady in Black makes a statement

The glossy black brings out the expressive face of Morena Baccarin (34). The sound stands for Snow White types like the actress ("Homeland"), who has fair complexion and red lips.

You do not have black hair? Then take the courage and reach for the color: FOR YOU will give you tips on how to dye your hair yourself >>

Party like a Star - Quickly tied with glamor effect

"Gossip Girl" Blake Lively (26) knows how to stage her hair. Tie the top part at the highest point, totoup, then fix the next two layers and wrap with hair strand.
If you like it simpler, a Sleek Ponytail might be the right hairstyling for you >>

High art of casual look

Sandra Bullock (49) likes the retro bun with a voluminous approach. Buff the hair on the top of the head, tie the braid, divide it into two thick strands, wrap it in the opposite direction around the rubber, pin it down and pluck out fine highlights.

Beach Waves leak very gently

Gentle waves and different blond tones make the hair of Poppy Delevingne (27) shine naturally. The British model gives individual strands with the flat iron (eg "Satin Hair 7" by Braun) more momentum.

Wind direction - All waves to one side

Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe (34) twists the hair part by part with the curling iron and lets the waves flow on one side. As a styling base provides volume cream for grip (for example, "Lift Vertige" Kérastase).

Brilliant performance - gentle waves shimmer

Actress Jessica Alba (32) makes her hair shine in aqua-style. After washing, spread mousse (eg "Hydro Style" from Wella), blow dry, style the waves with the curling iron.

Plucked with momentum - casual and sexy

Christina Hendricks has been a celebrated redhead icon since her role in Mad Men. The sweeping waves are created by hot winder and give the 38-year-old a special touch.

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