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Lose weight in a relationship Sweetheart, you're too fat!

How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps! (April 2019).


Your partner has gained a few pounds over the last few years. The beer belly is an absolute mood killer and they have not had sex for weeks. Constantly catching, as you dream of other men. We will give you tips on how to make your lover even more attractive to you.

Many people want your partner to lose weight and live healthier lives. Of course, you are no longer 20 and can eat whatever you want without seeing a change in the body. However, it is also not nice if the partner increases over the years extremely. This phenomenon is not rare and can become a problem for the relationship.

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How should I tell him?

In a relationship, everyone should be able to express their wishes and openly address everything that is on their minds. If you decide to talk to your partner about his growing tummy, choose the words wisely and try not to hurt your friend. Put yourself in his position and imagine him telling you what you want to get rid of. So give your partner some assurance at the beginning of the conversation, so he'll realize that you still love him. Express your request as a wish and let it appear in a positive light. For example, by telling him that he would be even more attractive in your eyes, he would do some sport. And that you are worried that being overweight will have a negative effect on your relationship because you can not do so much together, or if you have diabetes or something similar. Make him feel that you are just worried about him. But before you really criticize, you should take your own nose. Eat healthy?

Together you are strong!

Do not confront your partner with fait accompli, but try to motivate him. While he eats a salad for lunch, you should not treat yourself to delicious pasta, but support him. Because with two you can motivate each other much better. Put together your diet together. You are most likely to achieve success by doing sports as part of a healthy diet. Do a lot of outdoor activities over the weekend. Go for a walk, play with the dog in the garden or even jog before breakfast. That also does the soul good. Together you can do much more than alone. Your partner is under a certain pressure, so he wants to prove to you that he can do what you can. You will find that you feel well after a certain period of time, because you and your husband have grown together into an even stronger team.

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