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Medium Ash Blonde Hair Dye Ideas (May 2019).


Of course we watch what happens on the minds of the celebrities. And let us be inspired by Marie Bäumer Braun or Mavie Hörbiger's blond. Our color experts reveal how the VIP style works perfectly. And so that the look of the stars succeeds at home, we show you the right products.

color trends

"Winter is snowy, " says star stylist and Schwarzkopf expert Armin Morbach. "Particularly popular are currently special shades such as Yeti blond, glacier nuances and platinum ice" (eg "Diadem Silky Pastels"). If you like it darker: In the red area, bold, intense reds (eg "Brilliance Kaschmirrot") are absolutely in. For brown shades, focus on natural colors. "I really like rich chocolate tones (eg 'Perfect Mousse'), " says Morbach.

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Summer blond all year

"Everyone loves to look like they're fresh off the beach vacation, " says Nicola Clarke, Color Director at John Frieda, whose clients include Scarlett Johansson and Madonna. "It seems that blonde women always want to be blonde, but want to keep their natural look." John Frieda's new "go blond" products contain a citrus-camomile complex. Blondes can gradually lighten their current hair tone up to two levels.

Hollywood highlights

Drew Barrymore

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston have natural-looking highlights in their hair after a day at the seaside. In this Hollywood beach look, a new technique is applied, the so-called "Balayage". Originally from France, this method has been a hit in the US for quite some time. Here, highlights for highlights is painted directly on the hair (Tip: For self-makers the stricken hood is still suitable, less is more in the case, just pull thin strands through the hood and repeat the process depending on the desired result). The color is thicker than conventional dyes, and so the hairdresser can vary the color and soften by skilfully modeled transitions. This is the supreme discipline of hairdressers. "I try to fringe the face like the sun would have brightened it, " says Nicola Clarke. Absolutely trendy are color gradients, which means that the hair becomes lighter and brighter through different nuances from the roots to the tips. The sisters Filiz & Figen Erdogu, Wella Professionals color experts, have long been using the new painting technique in their salons and are convinced: "This natural technique will increasingly replace the chipmunk foil strands."

Sound is running

Which shade fits which skin type? To warm skin tones, such as to Eva Longoria's olive complexion, fit golden tones such as bronze and maroon best. Women with pink porcelain skin like Alexandra Maria Lara, on the other hand, are more likely to find cool shades of brown, such as light brown or dark brown, without red pigments. Blondes who would like to try out a shade of brown should choose a fawn with a light golden tone, then the change is not that extreme.

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