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10 Ayurvedic Tips To Gain Weight -- Fast & Natural (April 2019).


Ayurveda, detoxification, massages and nutrition. The positive effects of Indian health education.

Ayurveda, that sounds mysterious and exotic. Translated, the Old Indian word means "wisdom of life". In this country, however, the term is usually associated with beauty and wellness treatments. But Ayurveda can do much more: a highly complex healing system that has been practiced for several millennia in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Unlike Western medicine, it is not the illness that is at stake here, but the human being as a whole - with body, mind and soul. The local science was initially skeptical of Far Eastern teaching. But clinical studies have since proven their efficacy, for example in chronic inflammatory bowel disease or hay fever. In fact, Ayurveda is gaining more and more followers. Every year, about 100, 000 Germans fly to India to take several weeks of treatment there. Or they check into one of the Ayurvedic hotels in Germany for treatment. Of course not everyone has time and money for such a complex therapy. But even at home you can stay healthy and fit with ayurvedic treatments.

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