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Ingredients What is in an anti-aging cream Q10?

Ingredient of the Week - COQ10 || Anti-aging Essentials - Elle Leary Artistry (June 2019).


Are you sometimes like that? You are faced with a huge range of skin care products with anti-aging promises and ask yourself: what's in it?

Tired skin is a bit like a mature person, who only slows down and hanging limp around the pool - until a good entertainer cheers him up, bringing him drive and zest for life back. The animator for our skin is the coenzyme Q10. It can accelerate the flow of energy in our cells again. The result can be seen and felt: less wrinkles, more smoothness. Q10 is one of the most fascinating beauty makers, as healthy as it is effective. A whiz kid in the beauty industry since Beiersdorf launched Nivea in 1998 with Q10. One of the best-selling skin creams in Germany today is called "Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10". In addition to many body lotions and skin creams (such as "Florena Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream Q10", Claire Fisher's "Regenerating Night Hand Cream"), hair care products (such as "Schwarzkopf's BC Time Restore Q10 Plus Cure") have also recently been added Professional) the chewing agent - whose secret we air here.

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What is Coenzyme Q10, and where does it come from?

Q10 is a vitamin-like substance. It is inherently in each of our cells, and normally the body itself produces sufficient amounts of it. Without Q10 we could not survive. This coenzyme is indispensable in converting food energy into energy for the cells. A multi-stage process that takes place in the "power plants" of our cells, the mitochondria. Some scientists compare Q10 with spark plugs in the car: it does not deliver energy itself, but without enough Q10, no power could be generated. The engine would stutter or not start. Disruptions in the metabolism lead to an undersupply of the cells. The organs then no longer function optimally, they age faster or become ill. In the US and Japan, Q10 is therefore very popular as a dietary supplement.

What significance does it have for our skin?

Q10 activates body energy in the skin cells - thus keeping them fit for the tasks of synthesis, repair and protection. A coenzyme deficiency can be recognized here by premature skin aging. That's one thing. The other: Q10 is also an outstanding endogenous radical scavenger - and highly effective. It defuses aggressive oxygen compounds, which attack the supports of our connective tissue and thereby make the skin fade faster.

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