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The best of East and West Ayurveda and Wellness

East By West: Ayurveda Meets Paleo Conscious Cuisine w/ Jasmine Hemsley #140 (May 2019).


How well do Asian healing methods fit into our culture? Very good, say many therapists, but even better is the combination with European herbs and therapies such as Kneipp.

Ayurveda is the bestseller among alternative healing methods. He is exotic, sounds like the dream of long healthy life and endless bliss. Everyone knows these heavenly images of four-handed synchronized massages, foreheadings with warm oil, baths in fragrant herbal essences. While this is just one side of old Indian health education, it has sparked a boom in recent years: Ayurveda is now standard in spas, and countless spa hotels offer treatments. But can Asian treatments such as Ayurveda or even traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) actually be transferred one-to-one to our culture? Many healers are now developing European variants or they are combining eastern and western methods.

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