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I WENT RAW VEGAN FOR A WEEK! Crazy Diet Experiment (April 2019).


Thanks to vegan self-experiment: beautiful skin and extra power. Despite initial skepticism, our author has been vegan since January.

The Christmas season was powerful. I struck hard last year. I did not disdain anything: mulled wine, sweets, lots of meat and carbohydrates were on my menu. Although I am usually very fit, I was unable to engage in any physical activity over the holidays. The end of the song: Extra kilos, an eczema outbreak and a terrible body sensation. Something had to happen. Since the beginning of January, I am now eating vegan. This is only a few weeks and yet I can feel many positive twill changes: The extra kilos have disappeared, I feel fit and my skin has become better.

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"Everything too expensive!"

I live with my friend, who also likes to eat healthily. A friend told us about Attila Hildmann and the book "Vegan For Fit." At the beginning I was totally skeptical. My reaction: "No meat is no problem. But no dairy products? Then you can not eat anything! Everything too expensive. Everything too expensive! Besides, I love yogurt! "

But then we borrowed the book and I let myself be carried away to a weekend attempt. We opted for two similar dishes, so we did not have to buy too many ingredients, and yet the replacement of milk and soy products cost us more than 50 euros. But: The food was delicious, I missed nothing and the curiosity had grabbed me. I wanted to continue.

Vegan is no longer a food niche

For the first two weeks, we spent a lot of money on diet change, as we first needed to build a basic vegan food supply. Quinoa, amaranth, millet, almond mustard and tofu are among our basic foods. But if you have them at home, you only need to buy a few vegetables every day and can use them to create great dishes. Even in everyday life it is getting easier to eat vegan. Be it in the restaurant or at the bakery. Vegan is no longer a nourishment niche since Attila Hildmann. Cooking together and discovering new foods, herbs or vegetables is fun and vitalizes the relationship.

Vegan step by step

I do not know yet how long we want to go on with the vegan diet. But as long as it's fun and the body feeling is getting better, I see no reason to change my diet again. As a vegan, I still do not call myself. It is difficult for the body to forcefully change the diet. Because if I really feel like a piece of cheese or a butter croissant, I will not escape this desire. Even if that was the case until now. Maybe that's why it works so well: step by step and without compulsion.

Free according to the Attila Hildmann motto: every single good, vegan meal is worth it! With just one day a week can be achieved a lot.

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