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Beauty shampoos and creams with natural ingredients

Best Baby Products with CLEAN Ingredients! (May 2019).


Creams and shampoos with natural ingredients care for your skin and hair twice as well. Find out how it works here.

Aloe vera puts an end to drought

Even though sunbathing was not in vogue at the time, Nefertiti is said to have cultivated aloe vera as early as the 14th century before Christ. The leaves of the desert lily store up to 95 percent water, providing a perfect moisture reservoir for sun-stressed and dry skin. The sap also contains a wealth of nourishing, protective, regenerating beauty ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Body lotion and facial care with aloe vera act as a thirst quencher, cool and soothe the skin (eg in "Care Lotion with Aloe Vera" by Florena, 400 ml about 3.30 Euro, "Activ Moisturizing Gel" by Heliotrope, 200 ml about 23 euros).

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Rosemary nurses from head to toe

The Mediterranean coasts are the home of the intensely fragrant "dew of the sea" (Latin: ros marinus). The essential oil of the needle-shaped leaves promotes blood circulation, stimulates circulation and has astringent properties. In anti-aging creams, a sugar compound of rosmarinic acid captures free radicals and reduces collagen degradation. If the hair is too dry or too greasy after the summer, the evergreen herb brings the scalp back into balance and prevents dandruff. Sensitive feet benefit from the antibacterial effect of rosemary (eg in "Rosemary Hair Shampoo" from Weleda, 100 ml about 5.50 Euro; "Foot Balm" by Efasit, 75 ml about 5.50 Euro)

Tomato rejuvenates the skin from the inside and outside

The "xitomatl" was cultivated by the Aztecs in 200 BC, and in 1498 Columbus brought the plant to Europe. Tomatoes provide vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium - and the red dye lycopene, which keeps the skin young. As a powerful antioxidant, Lycopene protects cells from aggressive molecules, promotes resistance and regeneration of the skin. Mark, ketchup & Co. contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. And in organic tomatoes, the content is almost twice as high as in conventional (eg in cream "Fruit d'Eclat à la Tomato Bio" by Ella Baché, 50 ml about 65 euros; dragees "anti-aging skin density" from Innéov, 40 tablets about 28 euros).

Grapes extend the life of the cells

In vino veritas, the truth lies in the wine - that also applies to the beauty. Almost all components of the small berries benefit the skin: From the nuclei of the highly potent radical scavenger procyanidin (OPC) won, grape seed oil is rich in it. In the skin of grapes also antioxidant plant resveratrol protects, which also slows the aging process (eg in "Pulp Vitaminée Sérum 1ères Rides" by Caudalie, 30 ml about 35 euros; "Moisturizer Florentine Iris" by Iris Jaeger, 50 ml about 59 euros).

Olives boost the skin renewal

A high-quality extra virgin olive oil can be recognized by its slightly bitter taste and slight scratching in the throat. The cause is Oleuropein, a powerful antioxidant that simultaneously stimulates cell renewal. In addition, olive oil contains the anti-inflammatory Oleocanthal and squalane, an oil that also occurs in the skin, making it soft and supple. In beauty products for the skin and hair care not only the oil, but often extract from leaves and seeds of the olive tree (eg, in "Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk" by Claire Fisher, 200 ml about 7 euros; for the hair "Olive Oil Intensive Treatment Giardino di Roma" by Medipharma Cosmetics, 100 ml approx. 6 Euro).

Figs provide moisture and vitality

Adam and Eve knotted figs from fig leaves. Whether they have nibbled from the fiber-rich fruits, is not known. But would have done them well: Thanks to the high content of vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides (sugar compounds) figs bind a lot of moisture and provide fresh energy. An extract of prickly pear cactus promises a clear complexion: like peeling, it stimulates the skin's own enzyme to dissolve dead cells more quickly (eg in "Fig Body Butter" by Korres, 150 ml approx. Active Sérum Peau Neuve "by Clarins, 30 ml approx. 55 Euro).

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