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Anti-aging biscuits are already consumed in the USA. France relies on jam in the fight against wrinkles. Nonsense or cosmetic future?

Now imagine this: You are sitting at the breakfast table, and a roll of marmalade sweetened not only sweetens your day - it also smoothes your complexion. A dream, too good to be true? Or are we actually on the verge of opening up a beauty wonderland, as some food manufacturers claim? Professor Jürgen Lademann has gone to the tasteful Schoenmacher to the bottom. The Head of the Department of Experimental and Applied Physiology of the Skin at the Berlin Charité had long been wondering if we could also take care of our skin from the inside with certain nutrients and influence the aging process. An attempt with a new measuring device gave now the clear answer: It works. Lademann had asked his employees daily in front of the apparatus and looked with a laser beam under their skin. The device recognized the substances that give fruit and vegetables their yellow to reddish tint, and made them visible as colorful speckles on the computer screen. These carotenoids support the body in the defense against free radicals - these are metabolic products that damage cells and can lead to premature aging of the skin.

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Vegetables and fruits give the skin the beauty kick

Berries contain many antioxidants

"Comparing the dietary habits of the test subjects revealed the impact of diet on the skin:Vegetable fans had up to four times more plant-based colorants and had significantly smoother skin than those who ate meat and canned food, " he said Jürgen Lademann, who was not surprised by the result: "The nutrients from food reach the blood via the intestine and from there into all organs. And also in the skin. "In addition to the carotenoids, there are of course other substances that are well received in the skin. The B vitamins from whole grains help to maintain the elasticity. Vitamin C, for example, is made of citrus fruits and paprika - it boosts collagen production and strengthens the connective tissue. The lecithin of eggs seals the cells against moisture loss. And omega-3 fatty acids from olives and fish provide important building blocks for the protective membrane of cells. The perfect dose for the skin would be five handfuls of vegetables and fruits - daily. Wholegrain and dairy products and fish twice a week. Not much meat, less sugar, not to mention alcohol and nicotine. Clear that not every day can run exemplary. That's why there are foods, drinks and capsules that are fortified with special nutrients. They are intended to compensate for nutritional sins, protect the skin from environmental influences and reduce wrinkles. But are these trend products really a smooth success?

Conclusion: Who already maintains a healthy lifestyle, eats a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and otherwise abstains from nicotine and alcohol, who does everything right and should maintain the balance.

Beauty foods taste good, but do they help too?

Chocolate makes the skin shine.

Wash, cream, eat chocolate. If you want to be beautiful, you have to


eat. And so-called "functional food", say some food manufacturers. In Japan, marshmallows are celebrated with collagen as an "alternative to wrinkle injection." US teenagers hope to get their acne under control with mineral-reinforced "Frutels" gummy bears. Mature women nibble anti-aging biscuits from "Borba's & DeLuscious". Many French people rely on the smoothing effect of the protein-containing jam "Norelift". And Spaniards and Italians spoon the yoghurt "Essensis", which contains borage oil for a better hydration of the skin and should soon be available in German refrigerated shelves. The chocolate "Choc Beauté" by Daniele de Winter is already available for German sweet tooth. It should protect the skin with antioxidants from cell damage. According to estimates by the Zukunftsinstitut in Kelkheim, the supply of food with added value is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next few years. But the effect of beauty-enhancing substances is doubtful: "The collagen particles of marshmallows are far too large to be utilized by the body, " criticizes the French food chemist David Guénard, who has examined the sweetness of their effects. Although beauty yoghurt and marmalade are better off in their evaluation, they alone would not bring any visible skin improvement: "The overall diet must be right."
Conclusion: beauty foods are delicious at best. The skin and your health, however, have more of it, if you eat an apple daily and pay attention to a sufficient hydration with mineral water or juices.

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