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Everything for your beautiful garden

The Beautiful Garden of Prayer (May 2019).


Everything for your garden! With us you do not need a green thumb, because our tips for beautiful flowers always ensure growing success. With proper care, not only your plants, but also the garden furniture survive the next frost. With beautiful and trendy deco such as a homemade nesting box your garden then blooms on time with the first rays of the sun on properly.

garden Tips

Trimming trees and shrubs properly

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This is how your garden will bloom in spring and summer.

Water march

It's so easy to irrigate your garden

The best tips for a magnificent garden!

garden knowledge

11 tips for a profitable self-catering garden

There are valuable tips waiting for you.

DIY raised bed

High out with vegetables and Co.

We have a simple step-by-step guide for you.

House and garden

Alternatives to weed killers

Even without chemistry, annoying weeds are on the collar!

garden maintenance

With the scarifier to the perfect green area

Give your lawn effortless all-round care.

House & Garden

Fertilize garden plants successfully

With these fertilizer tips, your garden will be even more beautiful!

Urban Gardening

Green oases as far as the eye can see

Whether between walkway slabs or on roofs - so beautiful is Urban Gardening.


Everything about tulips

We tell you what there is to know about spring flowers.

From own harvest

Ginger, harvest and enjoy

Planting yourself instead of buying. With our tips how to.

garden Tips

Ideas & Tips for a beautiful garden pond

Classic garden pond or rather a bathing pond with fun factor?

Enjoy in the garden

Meat & vegetarian

Grill Recipes

Mmh, how that smells! We show the best delicacies from the grill.


Cocktail recipes

Cool drinks for a lukewarm evening - with or without alcohol.

My garden year

My garden year

Red sun hat

Find out more about the plant here.

House and garden

Alternatives to weed killers

Even without chemistry, annoying weeds are on the collar!

Other garden topics

A beautiful garden
If you have your own garden, you should take care of it. With the right care tips not only your plants, but also your garden furniture survive the next frosty winter. We show you great decoration ideas with which you can bring your bare balcony to a shine or make the terrace and garden beautiful. These then invite you to barbecue and get together with family and friends. Do you want to organize a cool garden party in summer? Here too we have many ideas to make your garden party a lavish party. But not only the garden itself, but also a beautiful pond needs a lot of care and should always look well-kept. In our section "My Garden Year" Peter Janke gives you tips for the perfect garden.

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