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Kreg Kitchen Makeover Series Part 6: How To Extend Your Cabinets for a New Look (May 2019).


Set trends and beautify your home with custom-designed furniture and accessories. In each issue we present you a decoration tip with crafting instructions for copying. This cabinet is a model for experienced amateur painters

Cabinet in a new look

You need: a narrow high wooden cabinet, natural white primer, acrylic varnish in pink. For the fine lines contour color from the tube in black, for cups and jugs each 1 small box of acrylic lacquer in white and 2 to 3 shades of light blue / blue, various width bristle brush, paper or cardboard, pencil, scissors and sandpaper.

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Here's how it's done: Prime the cabinet once and let it dry well. Apply the pink paint twice as needed, allow to dry well after each coat. Sand lightly between the coats. Enlarge, cut out the crockery motifs with the help of the raster drawing on paper or cardboard. Transfer the motifs to the cabinet as often as you like with pencil. Trace the outline as well as the pattern and lines with the color of the contours (it is applied directly to the substrate directly from the tube). Is the outline color well dried, the motives in white and blue tones. We have set some examples for orientation, but you can also let your imagination play.

Tips & Tricks: Larger color surfaces can be better applied with a foam roller. For the painted motifs, the colors can be mixed together to create nuances in different shades. Is the "antique" piece of furniture relatively well preserved and has a beautiful wood grain, you can do without the substrate and paint only the dishes.

Here you can download the instructions:

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