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Kit chá: dia de café da manhã na cama! (DIY Tutorial) (April 2019).


Instead of using a teapot hood, you can now sew your own teapot bag. Not only does it look good, it also effectively insulates your tea or coffee pot for longer enjoyment.

Whether fruit tea, herbal tea, green tea, black tea or chai - hot it tastes best. To keep your pot warm for as long as possible, why not sew a jug bag with our instructions? For personal use, but also as a gift a great idea and very practical.

Dimensions: height 30 cm, circumference about 40 cm

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You need: each 35 cm patterned cotton fabric, 110 cm wide, here: JD 44 "Scrollwork" and "Sunspots" by Freespirit about Coats, 20 x 110 cm volume fleece; 1 cm thick, 1 m cotton cord in sand beige; matching sewing thread; Scissors, measuring tape; compasses; Pencil; pins; 1 porcelain teapot, approx. 14 cm high, 40 cm circumference

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The tea warmer consists of 2 lined side panels and a circular bottom section. The sides remain open for the grommet and handle.

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Tip: For teapot sizes other than those described, the width of one side part corresponds to the can circumference, for the height of the can height take 1.5 cm plus 8 to 10 cm for the valance. The floor is the same for all sizes (finished size 12 cm Ø).

All dimensions include 1 cm seam allowance.

For the two side parts:

- 2 x each of outer fabric ("Scrollwork") and lining material ("Sunspots") a rectangle of 42 x 32 cm

- 2 x each of volume fleece a rectangle of 42 x 20 cm

For the bottom part:

- 1 x each of upper and lining fabric a circle of Ø 14 cm 1 x fleece a circle of Ø 14 cm


1. Place the fleece strips on the left side panels of the lining and insert them, the lower edges close together.

2. Stitch up the parts along the top edge of the fleece.

3. Place the cut non-woven floor on the left upper side of the floor, insert and staple all around.

4. Lay the upper and lining of the side panels right to the right. Quilt up the short side edges as well as the upper long edge. At the side edges at a height of 9 cm (measured from the upper edge) leave 2 cm open for the tunnel pass.

5. Turn the side panels to the right and carefully iron out the seams. Only work with moderate heat and low pressure, otherwise the volume fleece will be flat.

6. For the passage of the tunnel, stitch through the side panels at a height of 9 and 11 cm (measured from the upper edge).

7. Line up the lower edges of the side parts (all 3 layers of fabric together) and curl them in half the circumference of the bottom part.

8. Stitch the crimped parts right to the right on the lined outer fabric bottom.

9. Iron the lining bottom 1 cm wide to the left and close it with hand stitches.

10. Pull the cord through both drawstrings, place the teapot in the finished warmer and tighten the drawstring.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the decorative heat-insulating teapot bags >>

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