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Seashell Vase | (May 2019).


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Curtain with Caribbean flair

You need (Curtain dimensions: 130 x 240 cm): 2.70 m white cotton fabric, 140 cm wide, textile colors of Simplicol (F2672 blue jeans, Fb 2620 cobalt blue, Fb 2627 Arctic blue), 1 package dye or household salt, Batik wax, 1 narrow and 1 wide brush, sewing thread, several meters cord for binding and as a curtain hanger, paper for ironing out the wax, vessels for wax melting and dyeing.

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How to do it:
Cutting: Cut the individual strips from top to bottom, as shown in the photo and sketch: 40 x 140 cm, 20 x 140 cm, 60x140cm, 20x140cm, 2 rectangles à 40x70cm, 3 strips à 20 x 140 cm (one strip of 7 squares à 20 x 20 cm cut), 30 x 140 cm.

Batiks: Paint the strips with the melted wax according to the sketch, fold them and tie them with a drawstring (see sketches). Mix the individual baths according to instructions, here the colors can also be mixed with each other, so you get a 4th and 5th hue. Colorize the strips of fabric. When dyeing, make sure that the colors are not too intense. Again, you can vary the colors by a shorter / longer coloring time. Then wash out the remaining paint with several rinses. Loosen the knots and let the waxed parts dry. Ironing the wax: Place the fabric between several layers of paper and iron the wax in several processes with a high ironing temperature. Rinse all parts again until all paint residues have been removed.

Sew: Sew together the 2 shorter rectangles and the small squares with 1 cm seam allowance to the strip, then stitch together all the strips according to the sketch. Straighten the irregularly long side stripes, make these long edges 1 cm wide, then hem the upper and lower edges 1 cm wide. Pull a drawstring into the upper edge and hang the curtain.

Attention: When applying hot wax work carefully - risk of burns!

Tips & Tricks: When ironing out wax, newspaper can be used. However, the first layer should always be unprinted paper so that the printing ink does not transfer.

Here you can download the instructions:

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