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Grilling baked potato grill

How to Make Grilled Potatoes (June 2019).


The German folk fruit in a different way: We give you tips on how to make the baked potato on the grill and become a crisp, fresh pleasure component on the barbecue.

We have fallen for the earth apple! As a roast potato, juicy buffer from the pan, soft vegetable slices from the oven or as a simple side dish from the pot. The Germans are absolute potato fans and enjoy the vegetables in all variations. In order not to have to do without the super-vegetables during the barbecue season, we give you tips on how the baked potato turns into a grill potato and is guaranteed to succeed.

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Velvet dish in aluminum foil on the grill

The baked potato is usually cooked as a whole with its shell in aluminum foil and then served with delicious dishes as a side dish. Decide beforehand whether the baked potatoes should be served as a small appetizer or as a satiety-maker. If there are no other side dishes besides the potato, look for big potatoes. If, in addition to potatoes, you also have salad and bread, you should choose smaller potatoes. Now wash the potatoes thoroughly and brush off the peel. When the potato is completely cleaned, prick small holes in the potato with a fork or a knife. This way, the heat on the grill gets into the potato faster, so that it is cooked faster.

Marinade is also good for the potato

Now it's time for the marinade: Depending on your taste, you can use all sorts of spices here. Brush the potato with a little oil and plenty of herbs and spices. You can also cover the potato with a piece of butter or put up a herb branch, which is particularly suitable rosemary. You can also put vegetables around. This is then simply mitgegart and tastes great with the potato: onion, pepper, tomato and everything that you or your guests tastes the best.

Dice the potatoes and form a kind of grill pan on a piece of aluminum foil. Marinate the pieces with oil, herbs and with everything that tastes and what you have appetite. Now put the homemade aluminum pan on the grill and turn it over so that you do not stick to the aluminum foil. Do not use a conventional aluminum ladle, as it often has holes and so the oil would run out and drip on the embers.

Goes well with salad, fish and meat

When the potatoes are ready, there is no limit to the variety variety. For example, you can pass the small potato cubes over your salad, or simply enjoy it. You can garnish the baked potato with dips such as sour cream or herb butter and enjoy with salad and meat. Let your pleasure-fantasy run free and enjoy different variations of the baked potato from the grill.

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