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6 Awesome BBQ Hacks! (May 2019).


Which barbecue is the right one? Which meat and which fish succeed best on the grid? And how do you cook vegetables on the grill? We give practical tips and ideas for a successful barbecue.

Barbecues, but right: the equipment

On the balcony, classic barbecues with coal are usually only allowed in exceptional cases. A good alternative is the electric grill, which produces hardly any smoke and on which steaks, fish and vegetables succeed just as well. If you have a garden, you can let off steam here, of course: kettle grill, gas grill or homemade grill oven and other variants are possible here. Here it depends on the personal taste and the existing budget. In any case, always good barbecue utensils are helpful so that you do not burn yourself when placing and turning the food. A barbecue tongs should be at least.

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Meat and fish for the grill

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