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3 Types of Dips - Easy Dips Recipe for Chips - Indian Culinary League - Varun Inamdar (June 2019).


These delicious dips and sauces are our favorite accompaniment to juicy steaks, crunchy vegetables and bread. Whether as a starter, side dish or barbecue: We wish you a lot of fun while dipping.

Hummus with dried tomatoes

The perfect companion to lamb chops, beetroot and toasted bread.
But also delicious with flatbread or falafel.


Coming from the oriental region, hummus is a paste that consists of mashed chickpeas as its main ingredient. Other ingredients include spices and Tahini, a sesame seed. Due to its high protein content, hummus is particularly nutritious and also contains iron.

Recipe: hummus with dried tomatoes

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Mint dip with cream yoghurt & grated cucumber

Fresh through lemon. To meatballs and eggplant rolls very delicious.

Recipe: mint dip with cream yoghurt & grated cucumber

Guacamole with cilantro

Mexican-sharp! To turkey breast fillets, burgers and taco chips delicious.

Recipe: guacamole with cilantro

Olive salsa with capers and shallots

This delicious barbecue sauce is ideal with beef steaks and fillets and great with grilled cheese.

Recipe: Olive salsa with capers and shallots

Cocktail sauce with a fine cognac note

A creamy classic. Ideal for shrimp, grilled vegetables and as a dip for raw food.

Recipe: Cocktail sauce with a fine cognac note

Fruity yoghurt sauce

Delicious yoghurt marinade for salads and poultry.

Here's the recipe for the fruity yoghurt sauce

Chili sauce with roasted pepper & tomato

Fiery-hot with Tabasco, to spareribs, sausages and chicken wings a poem.

Recipe: Chili sauce with roasted paprika & tomato

Basil salsa

Fine Sößchen to grilled.

Click here for the complete recipe for the basil salsa >>

Italian herbal sauce

Delicious, spicy herb sauce with Italian flair to refine raw food and bread.

Here's how to prepare the delicious Italian herbal sauce >>

Mango and pepper salsa with red onions

Delicious fruity-Asian dip, goes well with seafood, salmon and tuna fillets.

Recipe: mango and pepper salsa with red onions

Barbecue sauces from the Weber Grill Academy

Bring more than just the sausage with ketchup on your grill. With the delicious barbecue sauce recipes from the Weber Grill Academy, you're the hero at the grill.

Discover the barbecue sauces of the Weber Grill Academy >>

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