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Six Fü readers visited Em-eukal. They had the unique opportunity to take a look at the production of the cough sweets and to stir even in the sweet pot.

Nicole, third from left: I find it fascinating that the euk-eukal, which I ate as a child, taste the same today and nothing has changed in the recipe.

Hot and smooth, the dark candy mass flows on a steel conveyor belt. Only a few minutes before, it was heated up to 150 degrees - and equipped with valuable vitamins and natural flavors and extracts. She makes her way over a cone, forms into an ever thinner strand, is brought in candy form, machine-shaped and blown on the next assembly line. Now, at least, we know where we are: Before our eyes many Em-eukal candies continue to cool and finally to the packaging. Here the candies are first packed in their paper wrappers and the familiar, white-red flag, then in the bag. "Our wrapping machine can produce up to 1, 200 sweets per minute, " explains Christoph Kammerer, group leader in manufacturing at the family-owned company Dr. Ing. C. SOLDAN in the Franconian Adelsdorf. Opposite him are six readers and winners of a candy cooking workshop at Em-eukal, the candy just real with the flag. By the way, this has its very own story. "In the 1950s, doctors prescribed the miners in the Ruhr district Em-eukal for bronchial complaints. With the little flag they could unwrap the candies without touching them with their dirty hands ", says Christoph Kammerer. Today, the small, narrow piece of paper is a trademark and a guarantee of premium quality.

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Eucalyptus is in the air

In the middle of the production of Dr. med. C. SOLDAN We all wear protective clothing: a red cap, a white coat and blue shoe covers. The mouthguard must not be missing. Hygiene is the key here. Between the machines, many different, delicious smells pounce on us. Whether eucalyptus, blood orange, lemon or a hint of caramel - the nose can hardly smell enough. During the day Dr. C. SOLDAN 16 to 30 tons of candy, that's up to six million pieces. If you put all these together, they would span the equator every two years. In addition to children Em-eukal, Rheila or even Bavarian Blockmalz Em-eukal is still the main brand of the family business. Founder Carl Soldan invented the original with eucalyptus and menthol more than 90 years ago. To this day, as Em-eukal Classic, it provides for taste that has an effect.

Every detail decides

From production to R & D research and development. "We think the most beautiful department in the company, " agree Lena Rauh, Head of R & D and Innovation Management, and Product Developer Roland Schuh. "This is where the ideas begin, where we develop, test and taste new recipes before going into large-scale production." It often takes up to 40 trials to make everyone happy with a new type of candy. It depends on the careful selection and proper mix of ingredients. And on the exact temperature. "It is very important to work one hundred percent, " says Roland Schuh. "Every little detail can change the taste and quality. Bonbon cooking is a true art! "But what exactly is in such a candy? "The body is made up of the basic raw materials sugar and glucose syrup in the sugar-containing variant or the sugar substitute isomalt in the sugar-free variety, " explains Lena Rauh. "Peppermint-derived menthol and natural essential oils, natural aromas and extracts, such as sage or ginger, provide the flavor and em-eukal's soothing benefits."

Recipes with taste and effect

Then it's time to get started and get to the cooking spoon. We are allowed to stir in the sweet cooking pot - and make the sugar-free Em-eukal ginger-orange as well as a sugary Em-eukal honey candy with a very special extra: the eucalyptus solution from the classic Em-eukal candy. Of course, the recipe will not be revealed. We heat up the sugar mass, add honey and wait taut until the mixture reaches 138 degrees. Then it has to go fast: The candy mass must be processed from the stove and on. It quickly becomes tough when it cools down. For a brief moment, however, we stop surprised when Lena Rauh gives the secret Em-eukal solution into the hot candy mass. Suddenly, there is a lot of eucalyptus in the air, enveloping us and allowing us to breathe deeply. "With their variety of tastes, candies have the unique competence to trigger emotions and positively change our mood, " says Lena Rauh. We slip into cotton gloves, an important protection against the very hot candy mass - and concentrate on the work. Roland Schuh shows us how to fold the candy mass and put it into a typical candy dish. The participants Claire and Yvonne try to do the same. It quickly becomes clear: Here it takes a lot of practice and great skill. So they soon join Katrin, Katja, Nicole and Helena, who pour candies with a small spoon and create lollipops. These are not as well-formed as real Em-eukal candies, but we are more than satisfied. And the nicest thing is: after only a few minutes, our candies are cooled, almost as hard as glass and ready to eat. So off it in the mouth: taste, enjoy, let it work.

Katrin, 3rd from the left: Kinder Em-eukal reminds me of my childhood and it will be the same with my son. He is allowed to take the red wild cherry candies to school because they do not count as sweets.

Katja: I am surprised at how many products there are and how easy and difficult it is to make candies.

Yvonne, 2nd from left: I thought that the flag at Em-eukal has something to do with the recognition value, but that it ensures a hygienic unwinding and was developed for the dirty hands of the mining men, I found exciting.

Claire, 2nd from right: I connect Em-eukal with my grandmother and thus with my childhood. She always had a candy in her bag.

Lena Rauh, Head of R & D and Innovation Management C. SOLDAN: Pouring candy is just great at the beginning to get a feel for the candy mass. This quickly becomes tough when it cools down. And after just a few minutes, the candies are almost as hard as glass.

Roland Schuh, Product Developer at Dr. Ing. C. SOLDAN: Bonbon cooking is a true art! Whether with the ingredients or the temperature, every little detail can change the taste and quality.

Helena, 2nd from right: Now that I know how Dr. C. produces SOLDAN sweets, I will be eating Em-eukal in the future with a very different awareness and enjoyment. That's great.

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