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The great FOR YOU-restyling! Set the stage for a new self-confidence with hairstyle tricks, strong styling ideas - and glasses.

This is me

Name:Heike (49), 1.71 m tall, dress size 38.
Occupation:theater manager and actress.
Request: a more feminine and representative appearance as well as suitable hairstyle and make-up tips.
And very important:the right glasses


"I'm baffled, how well I have smooth, short hair, " says a happy Heike. In fact, her appearance is much more elegant now. The hair shines thanks to protective styling products (Pantene Pro-V). In addition, the FOR YOU team emphasized Heike's eyes in gray and lashed the eyelashes vigorously in black.

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"So buttoned I would not have seen me, " laughs Heike. The FOR YOU team combines the black and white blouse with dark jeans and ankle boots - that stretches Heike's figure and looks rock-elegant.

Cotton blouse:Vero Moda, approx. 30 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. Jeans:H & M, about 20 Euro, Gr. 24-36. Pink bangle made of stingray leather:A Cuckoo moment, about 300 euros. Ankle boots made of suede:Görtz, about 120 euros


"With this dress, I slip into a new role. I feel feminine and comfortable with the thick tights. "The FOR YOU team completes the 50s look with two-tone lace-up shoes. Ideal for this: the loosely put back hair.

Wool dress:Thomas Rath, about 590 Euro, Gr. 34-44. Pantyhose:H & M, about 7 euros. Pumps to lace:Görtz, about 80 euros, 7 cm heel


Applause for this figure-hugging outfit! The high waist skirt puts Heike's great figure in the limelight. Add to that the ring top and the curly hair tamed nature ruff - a break in style that instantly loosens up the strict silhouette.

Woolmix waist skirt:Schumacher, ca. 290 Euro, Gr. XS-XXL. Shirt with lace:Patrizia Pepe, ca. 110 Euro, Gr. 32-40. Pantyhose:item m6, about 60 euros. Suede pumps:Görtz approx. 90 Euro, 10 cm heel


The hip dainty metal frame in silver and rosé sinks slightly into Heike's expressive face. From Gucci, about 230 euros


Eyeglass frame with wide temples and gold applications in dark red - ideal for Heike's face and especially great for her blue eyes. From Gucci, about 210 euros


The beige plastic frame does not distract from Heike. The almost transparent material can use heavily painted eyes. From Max Mara, about 190 euros


Has the makings of intellectual eyewear, but emphasizes Heike's brows too much, the proportions are not right anymore. From Dior, about 230 euros


Top-trendy model. Unfortunately it does not fit Heike. The drop shape pulls her eyes optically down and makes the look look tired. From Fielmann, about 200 euros


Great mix of sexy and strict. Black metal frame, narrower at the bottom than above - just the right size ratio! From Gucci, about 210 euros

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