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Hairstyles Volume powder for the hair

How to Get Volume in Your Hair using a Johnson's baby powder ✔ (March 2019).


You can blow dry and style, turn on the hair and wash with special shampoos and yet the approach is flat. Volume powder can help - at least if used correctly. We show the tricks for the right styling

A stressful day's work, quickly do the shopping and then still on an appointment - at the end of the day, almost every haircut so beautifully hangs on the ropes. Platter Neck Alert Who does not have time for a complete styling, can use volumetric powder. The fine texture gives the hair more structure and can also refresh slightly greasy hair - the particles absorb the excess oil and the hair gets a dull shine.

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Tips for using Volume Powder

Anyone who has ever used dry shampoo will find it easy to use volume powder. The powder is either simply applied to the lids or applied directly to the hands and then lightly massaged. Brushing, however, unlike dry shampoo is not necessary. The volume powder should simply wrap around the hair and give it more structure. Once you wave upside down through your hair and then you should fall loose and voluminous.

And afterwards? Remove the volume powder properly

Once the evening has mastered with flying colors and volume, the volume powder has done its job. It should be rinsed out briefly so that the residues do not stick to the hair. In the long term, a deep cleansing with a cleansing shampoo makes sense - so all styling residues are removed and aids such as volume powder, hair spray and Co. work all the better.

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