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Crochet Instructions Cape Cult

DIY Halloween Hooded Costume Cloak / Cape {How to} (June 2019).


The great thing about Capes ?! They are true cuddly miracles and will be up to date in the coming spring. The cape is crocheted with many chopsticks (double and triple sticks), you can literally see it "grow".

Heathered Cape

Size: One size Material: 700 g Mixed wool yarn (50% pure new wool, 50% polyacrylic) in Petrolmeliert (LL approx. 55 m / 50 g). 1 crochet-N No. 7
Textured pattern: M-stop divisible by 4. After the crochet script in Rd arb. The MS always wdh, while the Rd transition as drawn arb. The 1st -3. Rd 1 x arb, then the 2nd + 3rd round always wdh.

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Shell pattern: After crochet script 2 in Rd arb. The 1st + 2nd round 1 x arb, then the 2nd round always wdh. The number of DStb beids of the shell lt text arb.
Pattern of stitches in the structure pattern: 10.5Mund6Rd = 10x10cm, in the shell pattern: 8M and 3 Rd = 10 x 10cm.

Version: 184 lftm, close with 1 Kettm to the Rd and continue in the pattern. After 18 cm from the stop in the mussel pattern in the following order: 4 initial sl st as replacement for the 1st dtr, * 26 dtrs, each time 1 dtr in the tr of the structure pattern of the ply and pass the lftm, 7 sts of shells, 27 dc, 7 sts of shells, * 28 dtrs, 7 sts of shells, off * once in a row, close the round with 1 sl st in the last spare turn = 138 sts. Start in = wear on sideline. After 2 rounds from pattern change for the sleeve slits, divide the work and continue both parts separately. To do this, first mark the 1st shell strip as the front center and then pass on this + both 25 DStb as a front part in R, then reconnect the thread. Each R begins with 4 Turn Lftm as a replacement for the 1st DStb and ends with 1 DStb in the 4th Turn Lftm of the stock. At the same time cut off each R 4 M (= 4 x 2 DStb each). These decreases after the 3rd row from the beginning of the row, 3 yards before and after the shell and before the last 3 yards of the row. After 23.5 cm = 7 R from pattern change, let the work rest and continue over the rest of the back piece. The decrease in both the back center and after or in front of the lateral shell strips as in the front part arb. After 23.5 cm = 7 sts from pattern change on all sts in Zushang continue in round, continue declines. After 40 cm = 12 R / Rd from pattern change (= 10 decrease R / Rd) 2 Rd without declines arb. In the round Rd replace the dcb with dc and in each dc group 1 decrease (= 4 dips) = in the front part 6, in the back part 7 dc between the mussels. Then work another 6 Rd Structural Patterns, starting with the 2nd Pattern Rd and dividing the sts as follows: Make 1 sts around the rounds of the shells, the shells and in the middle or on the middle row of the stb groups = 64 sts. After 10 cm = 6 Rd finish pattern.

Completion:Crochet the pocket openings on the back edge with trunks, sew on the narrow edges on the front piece.

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