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Lose Weight Slightly in the Job: The Office Diet

How to Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 10 Days | Weight Loss Diet Plan For Working People / Office Goers (June 2019).


There are two places that are especially dangerous when it comes to sudden cravings and cravings: the home sofa and the office desk. So that you do not have to worry about extra pounds despite the stress in your job, we have the best tips for you and a healthy diet in your everyday job.

Standout, debut, birthdays or simply the soups after a hearty lunch: In the office, there is always a reason for sweet sins and high-calorie treats. But not only cakes or chips at the after-work beer with the colleagues makes the display of Libra jump up: Stress and lack of time are probably the biggest enemies of a healthy diet for working people. So what do we have to do to get well, well fed and even lean through the day's work?

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Tips for a successful office diet at a glance:

  • to eat consciously
  • Good preparation - helps especially when the job becomes stressful again
  • Good selection of food and meals, even if the lunch break is moved to a restaurant.
  • regular meals that keep the blood sugar level constant.
  • drink a lot
  • Screen breaks and movement

Slim in the job: keep blood sugar levels constant

An important factor in avoiding food cravings and having energy for the busy day is a constant blood sugar level. In order to achieve this, a good selection of foods is essential: high-carbohydrate foods can be eaten during the day, but if possible from whole-grain products. This saturates over a longer period of time and you will be less tempted. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important nutrients that will get you through the week. Similarly, the Pape diet, which is also based on the "slender sleep" principle.

This is how the office diet becomes a success

Good planning is important when you are losing weight: think about what you want to have for breakfast or lunch at home or while shopping, and prepare your meals. Pretty lunch boxes, mason jars and more will help your meals arrive at the office.

You want to be slimmer, but like to snack so much? Energy Balls are delicious snacks with important nutrients for the head and body.

Plan delicious snacks, such as a fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, so you do not even reach into the chocolate drawer. A great alternative to normal sweets are so-called Energy Balls (also called Raw Bites): Sweetened with dates and different ingredients such as nuts or cocoa nibs, they are ideal for snacking and delicious (tested by the editors)!

Breakfast for working people

Important to Successfully Change Your Meals: Choose a variation that tastes good and where you can make the diet or change your diet. Of course, you should always pay attention to a balanced shape and forgo a full bowl of cornflakes with sugar. If you've been a coffee-and-a-pot candidate so far and can not eat so much in the morning, just move the meal to the office: porridge, cereal, coconut flakes, fresh fruit, quark, and yogurt are great sources of energy and good to take with you, Healthy stews of wholemeal bread and avocado cream or cream cheese are also a good choice. A little more fruit and you start well and saturated in the day.

Recipe ideas for breakfast

Whether bread, recipes and ideas for a sugar-free breakfast, you will find in our special sugar-free Challenge.

  • Carob Porridge
  • Energy muesli
  • Overnight Oats
  • Pina colada chia pudding with coconut milk

Office Diet - the lunch

Currywurst with chips or Schnitzel with fried potatoes? Not the right choice to lose weight. In addition, heavy, greasy food robs you of too much energy and concentration. A colorful salad not only offers the concentrated load of vitamins - with fried turkey breast strips, tuna or boiled eggs, it also makes you really tired - plus a delicious variety of fruit and you have a restaurant-worthy lunch. A few slices of wholegrain bread you can treat yourself with a clear conscience. But it does not always have to be salad: even potatoes with cottage cheese or a vegetable casserole with wholemeal pasta are a well-balanced lunch. Pay attention to low-fat sauces and a high vegetable content, then you can do little wrong.

Slim Recipe Ideas for Professionals:

  • Tasty-light poultry panini
  • Mediterranean sandwich
  • Full of protein and vitamins: Buddha Bowl
  • Slender spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • Asian noodles from the wok

Dinner after the office

What you have consumed in the morning and at noon with energy from carbohydrates, leave in the evening. Not everyone has the strength and time to spend a long time in the kitchen in the evenings, but lean meat such as chicken can be sautéed quickly with a few spices and you can sauté fresh vegetables. A quark dip completes the light and healthy dinner. Our recommendation: plan to prepare the food of the week. If you cook several servings, you can freeze them and have food for another day without much effort.

Do not eat too late: in the evening, you should avoid rich carbohydrate meals and eat at least two hours before bedtime. So your body gets enough rest at night and is busy with regeneration instead of digestion. According to the doctor and author Dr. Detlef Pape helps to eliminate carbohydrates, so that the body has to pull its energy from the fat cells in the evening and thus supports leaning.

  • Recipes without carbohydrates
  • Superfood salad
  • Spinach and cheese balls
  • Miso soup with spinach

Advanced diet for the office: Losing weight according to Dr. med. Pape

If it is easy to change your eating habits, the diet of Dr. med. Implement Detlef Pape, also known as "Lean Sleep". The diet puts even more emphasis on a constant insulin level, a healthy biorhythm and a restful sleep - perfect for a concentrated work day. However, it is also here to resist the temptations of office snacks!

This is how the diet works according to Dr. med. Pape: You start with a carbohydrate-rich breakfast without animal protein, such as milk or cottage cheese, at lunch you can combine both nutrients, while you have to do without carbohydrates in the evening. Important: Do not eat too late, allow five hours between meals and avoid snacks if possible. By eliminating carbohydrates in the evening, the body must draw its energy especially from the fat reserves. So you almost quit in your sleep.

An advantage of the diet according to Pape: It is easy to understand and comes from calorie counting. A disadvantage are the long meal breaks, which demand quite a bit of discipline. For professionals who are hard-pressed between meals anyway, this diet may be the right choice for weight loss. More about the diet principle of Dr. med. Detlef Pape >>

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