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Sewing instructions Trendy rocking chair cushion

Rocking Chair Cushions | Barnett Home Decor (April 2019).


For a comfortable swing, we will show you how to use this backrest and bench pad to beautifully equip your rocking chair. Here you can read step by step how to make these beautiful upholstery in an instant.

A rocking chair makes as seating in the living room as well as garden furniture in the garden. Comfortable pillows are a must for the perfect edition of your rocking chair. With the help of our tips you will find the ideal pads for your chair. White linen with elegant lettering combined with black and white colors, gives the whole French Esprit.

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Bench rest: approx. 40 x 120 cm, cushions: approx. 40 x 40 cm

You need: approx. 90 cm linen fabric "Petit Angelot", 150 cm wide, to be ordered at TischTuchTräume (, Tel. 0 61 96/6 12 58); 100 cm cotton fabric in black and white pepita pattern "Houndstooth", 114 cm wide, by Coats; pins; 2 zippers, approx. 30 cm long, in white; approx. 80 cm volume fleece, 2 cm thick, 150 cm wide; 2 matching pillow fillings; 2 removable buttons, Ø 3.8 cm, eg from Prym

cut out

Important: Note the direction of writing before cutting. When cutting, the fabric should be in such a way that the writing on back cushions and overlay is legible. The backs of cushions and bench pad are sewn of black and white patterned Pepitastoff.

Made of linen fabric:

- For the bench edition (front) a rectangle of 40 x 120 cm plus around 1 cm seam allowance

- for the back cushions (front sides) 2 x a rectangle of 40 x 40 cm plus around 1.5 cm seam allowance

Made of cotton fabric:

- for the bench rest (back) 2 x a rectangle of 40 x 60 cm plus around 1 cm seam allowance

- for the back cushions (backs) 2 x a rectangle of 40 x 40 cm plus around 1.5 cm seam allowance

- For the binding tapes 12 x a strip of 3 x 38 cm plus around 0.5 cm seam allowance

From volume fleece:

- for the bench rest (filling) a rectangle of 80 x 120 cm


1. Bench overlay: Half the length of the volume fleece (= 40 x 120 cm) and stitch together the open sides with a short edge.

2. Iron the seam allowances of the two rear parts on each of the 40 cm long edges to the left.

3. Sew four binding tapes.

4. Place front and back pieces right to right. The pressed seam allowances of the two pieces of pepitate collide in the middle.

5. Insert two ties at the ends of one long side and secure everything.

6. Sew the bank rest together.

7. Then turn over the part, iron out the seams and insert the volume fleece.

8. Close the back center seam with small hand stitches.

9. Obtain two available buttons according to the packing instructions with Pepitastoff.

10. Sew the buttons 20 cm to the long edges and 40 cm to the short edges on the bench support. Tighten the buttons on the back with a ribbon or thread so that the upholstery effect appears on the front (see photo).

11. Cushion: Sew on 8 binding tapes.

12. Lay the front and back cushions right to the right and iron the seam allowances on the zipper side.

13. Poke the two ends of the zipper side 6.5 cm wide.

14. Iron the seams, unfold the pillow parts and insert the zipper into the slot.

Download free tutorial on

15. Put the pillow parts right again on the right, open the zipper.

16. Insert two tie-down straps into the corners on the opposite side of the zipper.

17. Line the pillow all the way around, holding the binding tapes with you. Cut back the seam allowances on three sides.

18. Pull the cushion to the right, iron out the seams and insert a matching padding.

19. The second pillow work the same way.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the wicked rocking chair upholstery >>

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