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Patchwork Quilted Envelope Cushion Cover Tutorial (May 2019).


Patchwork is a real art in itself. It is ancient and not easy. But the result is always very noble.

Cute patchwork pillow

Granted, patchwork is a real art in itself. It is ancient (it has been around since the first millennium BC) and not very easy. But the result is always very noble. As for example here: The simple star motif, implemented as patchwork, immediately transforms a simple pillow into a treasure.

Quilt Pillow

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Dimensions: approx. 50 x 64 cm

Material: per pillow each 75 x 60 cm plain linen, striped cotton fabric, fine molleton or fleece, cotton fabric remainders in harmonious colors, 2.50 m colored linen or cotton ribbon for the fastener tapes, sewing thread, embroidery thread, a pillow filling 50 x 60 cm

Tools: chalk, chalk pen, pencil or marker, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, embroidery and sewing needle, sewing machine

General information about quilting: The patchwork motifs are stitched together quilted (ie approx. 0.7 cm seam allowance), resulting in a total reduction of the motifs by 1.5 cm. For the larger fabric rugs and strips needed to complete the cushion plate, calculate 0.7 cm and approx. 2 cm seam allowance, 5 cm for the side opening. When all parts have been joined to the desired surface, underlay them with molleton or quilted non-woven fabric and recode the seams with the embroidery thread with simple pregrooves. However, it is also possible to draw completely different eg floral motifs on the molton / nonwoven page, and these are then embroidered with pre-stitches. Thus, the patchwork part is "fed" and can be further processed.

Cutting: For the star motives, cut the squares from the scraps as shown on the sketch.

To complement the blue pillow:

A = 33.5 x 35 cm, W = 6 x 33.5, C = 6 x 71, D = 18 x 71 cm To complement the red pillow:
E = 6 x 51 cm, F = 6 x 71 cm, G = 51 x 51 cm

Sew: Stitch each star motif according to Sketch 1-6. Then sew 3 or 4 squares together. Stitch the strips and rectangles in the order of A - D for the blue pillow, E - F for the red pillow (see diagram) with 0.7 cm seam allowance. Underlaid and quilted the cushion plate with Molton or fleece (as described in "General information on quilting"). For the blue cushion cut the front and back to 54 x 71 cm, for the red cushion cut the front and back to 55 x 71 cm. Sew together both parts right to right on two long edges and one narrow side with 2 cm seam allowance. Turn and bend the open side 5 cm to the left and iron at 1 cm. Cut out about 40 cm long ribbons from the linen band and fix them evenly on the hem and stitch the hem. Insert the pillow filling and close the pillow with the ribbons.

Here you can download the instructions:

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