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Superfood wheatgrass: How healthy is it really?

This Happens To Your Body If You Drink Wheat Grass Daily (May 2019).


Wheatgrass is considered superfood and is currently very popular. No wonder: the green stems are gluten-free and easy to process. But how good is wheatgrass really for our body? Everything worth knowing read here.

Exotic foods such as matcha tea from Japan, goji berries from China, acai berries from Brazil, quinoa herb or amaranth seeds from South America are not only found in health food stores and well-stocked supermarkets, you can also find superfoods in many major cities already gotten in restaurants and cafes. And also the hype about wheatgrass keeps up. Here you will learn everything about the green, gluten-free stalks.

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What exactly is wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass belongs to the botanical family of grasses and has been consumed in ancient China and Central American tribes. As it is very rare to buy fresh wheatgrass, it is usually necessary to use powder.

Nutrient-rich stalks

Wheatgrass contains a lot of iron, vitamin C and zinc. However, the weighting of nutrients depends on the place of cultivation, harvest time and soil conditions. One thing is certain: In powdered wheatgrass, the nutrient content is significantly lower than in fresh wheatgrass. As a superfood you can not necessarily call the grasses.

If you want to increase your iron balance, you can also use 100 g parsley or basil. Similarly with the vitamin C: Who eats 100 g of wheatgrass, can also take the same amount of oranges.

Wheatgrass in smoothie, salad or soup

Chop up a handful of wheatgrass for a green smoothie, sprinkle over the salad as a herbal ingredient or drink freshly squeezed straws - perfect! Too large amounts cause for stomach problems and are also not very tasty.

And how healthy is wheatgrass?

Let's put it this way: It does not hurt at low dosage and can contribute to a healthy diet, but you will not lose weight. Scientists are still arguing to what extent wheatgrass may have a supporting effect on breast cancer patients. Another study found that wheatgrass contained lutein, similar to beta-carotene. The carotenoid is said to protect the eye and be useful in the prevention of aterial calcification. These effects have not been sufficiently proven.

When buying wheatgrass make sure that it comes from organic farming. According to "Organic Test April 2016" traces of pesticides and mineral oils were found in a organic wheatgrass powder. So our tip: Build your own wheatgrass on the balcony or in the garden. You can find a breeding set in online shops.

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