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Knitting for beginners knit ajour pattern

Knitting a neckwarmer with a jour pattern, candle flame pattern (June 2019).


We explain what an ajour pattern is and how to knit it.

The ajour pattern is often found in fine, summer knitwear. It is a simple decorative lace pattern that can be knit in different variations and gives the knit piece more freshness and lightness. Basically, this is just an interaction of envelopes and knitted stitches. On the one hand, envelopes are knitted to produce holes, on the other hand, new stitches are inserted. When working with envelopes, meshes must be reduced. So you really just have to learn how to make envelopes and knit stitches together.

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If you are a knit beginner, do not be distracted and work with care, as mistakes can easily slip in. But with our help you can easily learn it.

Example knitting patterns

They pierce the needle from below and knit 1 edge stitch. Then knit 3 stitches to the right and knit 2 stitches, cut into 2 stitches, pick up the thread and pull through. This reduced 1 stitch and knits the envelope.

Envelope: Put the thread around the needle and hold the envelope. Then knit the next stitch on the right. Since work is done in the same way, an envelope must be made again and 2 stitches are knitted together so that the stitch pattern leans to the left. To do this, take off one stitch on the right, knit the second on the right and put the bow over the knitted stitch. Finally, knit 2 smooth stitches and one edge stitch. Keep knitting in this pattern.

You can knit socks, jackets, blankets and many other things in ajour pattern. Since there are many different pattern variants, you should definitely look past our knitting instructions.

Download knitting instructions for free offers you free knitting instructions for download >>

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