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DIY Guide Crochet Cap: Colorful Charm

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Colorful and cuddly warm! This hat defies every autumn blues. A cuddly favorite piece of new wool, which not only keeps you warm. The luminosity of the yarn also looks very nice.

From: Sabrina - the knitting journal, published monthly in the OZ publishing house

Now crochet! And a dreamlike cap, which brings this autumn and winter really color into play. First, the tight-fitting part is made in tight stitches, so the cap sits later perfect. Then the loose part is worked in three different colors. The relief sticks conjure up a touch of three-dimensionality, and the chosen colors are particularly effective. A cuddly favorite, for which you need two different crochet hooks (8 and 10 mm). A new wool mix is ​​suitable for this. Not only does it keep you warm, it also makes the yarn shine bright.

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Manuela Seitter for head circumference 54 to 56 cm


Crochet hook 8 and 10 mm from Schoeller + Stahl

Fixed stitches (f M)

(with NS 8) Start each round with 1 LM to replace the 1st f M a. with a warp in the LM end. Reliefstäbchen: (with NS 10) in these tricks is crocheted alternately always 1 tr around the tr of the preliminary round from the front and crocheted 1 trb around the tr of the preliminary round from the back. Start each round with 3 LM as a substitute for the 1st tr. U. with a warp in the 3rd LM end.

stripe sequence

1 Rd. In neon pink, 1 Rd. In neon orange u. Crochet 1 round in charcoal, alternating.


44 LM in anthracite mottled with NS 8 afterwards and with a Kettm. close to the Rd. Crochet 5 rounds f M In the 6th round spread 12 sts = 56 sts. Then continue with streaks 10 in the strip sequence. For the declines in the 13th round * crochet 1 relief st through 2 front relief sts, 3 relief sts *. From * to * 8 x wdh. Crochet 1 relief st in the 15th round * by 2 anterior relief sts, 1 relief st. *. From * to * 3 x wdh.

Then thread through all sts, then draw thread.


Make an original sized cut and inspect the acceptances by placing the work.

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