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Crochet and knitting crochet pattern for little owls

Crochet Tutorial: Pudgy Little Owl (May 2019).


How sweet! This little crochet owl is just a great gift for young and old. The free crochet pattern for Eulinchen is available here.

Crochet pattern for little owls

Pink little lady

Size: about 10 cm
Width: about 8 cm
Needle No .: 3


  • Wool: pink wool (about 125m / 50g), light blue wool (about 125m / 50g), yellow wool (about 125m / 50g), green wool (about 125m / 50g), blue wool (thread remainder), red wool (Thread rest), white wool (thread rest), apricot-colored wool (thread rest)
  • fiberfill
  • 2 black buttons

Body in pink / light blue

Start with pink wool: 2 LM
6 FM in the 2nd LM from the needle, no KM
1st round: double each FM = 12 FM
2nd round: every 2nd FM double = 18 FM
3rd Rd: every 3rd FM double = 24 FM
4th round: every 4th FM double = 30 FM
5th round: every 5th FM double = 36 FM
6th Rd: every 6th FM double = 42 FM
7-14th Rd: 42 FM

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continue for the trousers with light blue wool:
15th-20th Rd: 42 FM
21st round: just prick in the back loop, 6th and 7th round crochet together = 36 FM FM
ROUND 22: Crochet every 5th and 6th FM together = 30 FM
ROUND 23: Crochet each 4th and 5th FM together = 24 FM
ROUND 24: Crochet each 3rd and 4th FM together = 18 FM
25th round: Crochet each 2nd and 3rd FM together = 12 Fill FM body with filling cotton
ROUND 26: Crochet 2 FMs together = 6 FM
ROUND 27: Crochet 2 FMs together = 3 FM
Cut the thread and sew it

Skirt in yellow / apricot

with yellow wool, at the color change from pink to light blue in the first light blue FM and crochet 1 KM, then in the next 41 FM each 1 FM
1st round: double each FM = 84 FM, 3 LM
2nd round: skip 1 tr in 2nd FM, 1LM, 1FM, 1 tr in next FM, and so on = 42 tr, 1LM, cross round with BM
3rd round: 3 tbc, 2 tb in the round of preliminary round, 1 ts, 2 tb etc. = 84 tr, round with tbc now close with apricot-colored wool
4th round: 1 LM, 1 KM etc. = 84 KM
Cut the thread and sew it

Wings in green (2x)

2 LM
1st R: 1 FM
2. R: FM double = 2 FM
3rd R: double each FM = 4 FM
4. R: 1. Double FM, 2 FM, 4. FM = 6 FM
5. R: 1. Double FM, 4 FM, 6. Double FM = 8 FM
6th R: 8 FM
7. R: 1. Double FM, 6 FM, 8. FM = 10 FM
8th R: 10 FM
Crochet 1st and 2nd FM together, 6th, 9th and 10th FM Crochet = 8 FM
10. R: Crochet 1st and 2nd FM together, crochet 4 FM, 7th and 8th FM = 6 FM
11. R: 1st and 2nd FM to piece together, 2 FM, 5th and 6th FM together = 4 FM
And now the whole thing again for the 2nd wing.

Ear in blue (2x)

7 LM
1st R: 6 FM
2. R: 1. Skip FM, 4 FM and 1 KM
3. R: 1. Skip FM, 4 FM
4th R: 3 FM and 1 KM
5. R: 2 FM and 1 KM
Cut the thread, done.
And now again for the 2nd ear.

Eye in white (2x)

2 LM
1st round: 7 FM in the 2nd LM from the needle = 7 FM
2nd Rd: double each FM = 14 FM
And now again for the second eye.
Cut the thread and sew one button into the eye ring.

Nose in red

2 LM
1st round: 8 FM in the 2nd LM from the needle
2nd round: 8 FM
3rd Rd: 8 FM
Cut the thread, done!


Put all the pieces together and your owl girl 'Eulinchen' is ready.

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