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Set trends and beautify your home with custom-designed furniture and accessories. In each issue we present you a decoration tip with crafting instructions for copying. Floral motifs bring old furniture to new life.

Cupboard in bloom

You need: A dresser / cabinet, natural white primer, sky blue color and a shade of dark, fine sandpaper. For flowers and leaves each a small box in white, medium blue and two shades in light green. Various broad bristle brushes, paper, pencil, ruler, masking tape.

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Here's how it's done: Prime the chest of drawers 2x and let it dry well after every coat. Larger areas of color can be better applied with a foam roller. Sand briefly between the coats. For the 2-colored paint, mark a line in the upper third and stroke the upper part 2x in sky blue. After drying, mask off the line with the masking tape and paint the lower part a little darker. Paint the feet in white. After drying, paint water rings in the lower part as desired, as shown in the photo. Cut a paper template for the flower motif (see drawing 1) and record the flowers as desired with a pencil. The stems should meet or be traced so that a flower tendril results. Paint the stems and leaves in the darker green, set the accents / shades after drying with the lighter green. Paint the petals in white, the flower centers remain free (see drawing 2). After drying, shade the petals with light blue, the flower centers in mid blue, the flower stamp in blue and white paint after the photo.

Tips & Tricks: The flower centers vary in color, so creates a better look. The colors can be mixed together to create nuances in the shading. If you do not dare to go to a dresser, you test your talent on smaller parts, for example on a tray. But even walls can be painted with the tendrils. And one more thing: If the "antique" piece of furniture is relatively well preserved and has a beautiful wood grain, you do without the substrate and paint only the flower tendrils.

Here you can download the instructions:

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