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Instructions Colorful round cushions

SUPER EASY ROUND cushion cover/pillow cover making (April 2019).


These great pillows for the garden bench or balcony chair not only look great, but are also homemade! We have the free guide to make yourself.

around pillow

Dimensions: about 40 Ø
For the cutting template, enlarge the fabric flower to 200% with a photocopier and cut it out!
You need: per pillow approx. 65 cm patterned cotton fabric, 110 cm wide (eg from Charlotta's), for the fabric flower one remnant small patterned and large patterned fabric of approx. 24 x 24 cm, 1 finished crochet flower (eg from Ikea), 1 m pompom trim, 1 rest thin iron-on fleece F 220, matching sewing thread, thread, paper, a 26 cm long zipper, scissors, pencil, safety pin, measuring tape
Front: From the patterned cotton fabric two rectangles of 27 x 64 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance all around ..

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Back: For the back plate of the pillow, use two semicircles with a radius of 14 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance all around.
How to sew:
Pin the two rectangles together on the 27 cm long sides to create a 128 x 27 cm strip. Close the strip to the round. Sew the zipper into the cushion backing plate. Sew the semicircles together, leaving the zipper length open. Iron the seam allowances to the left. Zip down the zipper. Sew floor and fabric tube together. To do this, first curl one edge of the fabric tube onto the circumference of the back plate and stitch it to the plate. Also crimp the other end of the fabric tube and pull it tight, then sew the middle firmly. For fabric blooming, transfer the stencil drawing to paper and cut it out. Place the paper template on the patterned fabric and trace the contours. Iron the fleece line on the left side of the fabric of the small patterned fabric and place the patterned fabric with the contour drawing on it. Now sew the flower contours with a narrow zigzag stitch and sew both fabrics together. Cut out the completely quilted flower.

Then sew the pompom border on the flower border with small hand stitches. Sew the crochet flower on the center of the pillow. Insert the cushion filling and close the zipper.

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