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The berry colors make you want to take a walk through the autumn forest. Hat and jacket keep you warm and cuddly. The star pattern is a real eye-catcher and very easy to knit. Here you will find the instructions for hat and jacket.

Coat and cap in star pattern

From: Sabrina - the knitting journal, published monthly in the OZ publishing house

Size: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 Material: 600 (700) 800 g Purple (Fb 83) and 400 (500) 600 g Berry (Fb 89) "Cora" (60% Virgin Wool, 40% Polyacrylic, LL = 85 m / 50 g) from ONLINE. 1 pair of KNIT-PRO- quick knit N and 1 KNIT-PRO circular knit N No. 5. Seven knobs of UNION KNOB (art. No. 450309). Further in R: back and forth M; in Rd: 1 round in stockinette st, 1 round sts in stocking st.

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Star pattern in R: M number divisible by 4 + 3 + 2 Rdm. Lt knitting str. There are drawn back and forth. The pattern starts with 1 return. Start with 1 Rdm and the M in front of the MS, the MS always wdh, end with the M after the MS and 1 Rdm. The 1st - 4th R always wdh, pay attention to the color change. In Rd: M number divisible by 4. Repeat the MS as well as the 1st - 4th rounds, always repeating in the 1st and 3rd rounds, also note the color change. Knot-Rdm: In back and forth the Rdm re str. Star pattern stitching: 16M and 18R = 10x10cm, krre: 15.5M and 27R = 10 x 10cm.

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Note: Always work with nodule radius.

Back part: 77 (85) 93 sts in purple and for the waistband 11 cm = 30 sts, starting with 1 back. Then in the star pattern str. For the neckline after 78cm = 140R from the waistband close the middle 27 sts and finish both sides separately. For the rounding at the inner edge in the second row turn off 1 x 3 sts. The restl each 22 (26) 30 shoulder-M to 79.5 cm = 143 R from the Bund abk.

Front length : 44 (48) 52 sts in purple and for the bunch 11 cm = 30 sts, starting with 1 back. Then in succession M graduation arb: Rdm and 7 M kr re (= shutter), 35 (39) 43 M star pattern, Rdm. To balance the different stitches, work 1 x after the 2nd R and then 20 times after every 6th R with a shortened rim. To do this, trim the iris sts with 1 U and pull back, then over all sts again, then stitch the U with the sts M according to the pattern. Nevertheless, the aperture is slightly stretched in height. For the neckline after 68 cm = 122 R from the waistband (= 164 panel R) at the left edge 1 x 9 sts and for the rounding in every 2nd row cast off 1 x 3, 2 x 2 and 6 x 1 st each time .Remove the restl 22 (26) 30 shoulder sts at back height.

Re front part: Ggl str, but with buttonholes. In the 48th Iris-R from the waistband, cast off the 4th + 5th Iris-M and in the following row again connect 6 more buttonholes in each 18th Iris-Iris. Sleeve: bind 32 sts in purple and work 11 cm = 30 sts in garter st, beginning with 1 st in garter st and evenly in last row = 9 sts = 41 sts. Then work in star pattern. At the same time for the sleeve bevel from waistband 16 (13) 8 times in every 4th row and 2 (8) 16 times in every 2nd row per 1 st in accordance with prev = 77 (83) 89 sts. After 39 cm = 70 R ( 39 cm = 70 R) 36.5 cm = 66 R from waistband 1 rear left in stocking st and after 39.5 cm = 71 R (39.5 cm = 71R) 37cm = 67R from waistband on all darts. Completion: Close shoulder seams. For the neckline in purple, pull off the disused 9 sts of the new front, pick up 23 sts from the neckline, sts the disused 27 sts of the back neckline, pick up 23 sts from the neckline and reposition the 9 sts of the left front piece .Then5cm = 14Rkrrestr, then cancel all M re. Insert sleeves, close side and sleeve seams. Sew on buttons.

Finish: Cast on 68 sts in purple and close to the round so that the back of the stirrup is at the front. Mark the start of the round and carry the marking with you. For the waistband, work 6.5 cm = 18 rounds, knit evenly in the last round = 28 sts = 96 sts. Then work in star pattern. For shaping on the 29th row from the waistband, work as follows: K the last round sts on stocking sts, then slip 3 sts, 13 sts, and 5 sts = 84 sts Work the last garment st on the left garter st, * K 3 tog, 11 sts, cast off * 5 times = 72 sts. Repeat 3 sts in each 2nd round = 3 sts, decreasing the sts M between shifts by 2 sts = 36 sts. After 38 dc from waistband, 1 dc in 1 row in berry str. Then pull all M tightly together with the work thread, sew on the thread.

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