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Free Knitting Pattern Bouclé sweater with braids in orange

Orange Fashions Long Sleeve Shawl Collar Knit Cardigan at The Shopping Channel 582819 (March 2019).


Do you already have the knitting needles ready? We do! Try this knit sweater in bouclé style. We'll show you how to knit this cable-knit sweater in no time.

Bouclé sweater with pigtails

Yarn BERGAMO: 45% wool, 45% polyacrylic, 10% alpaca (run length approx. 100 m / 50 g)

Size: 36/38, 40-44 and 46/48. The figures for size 36/38 are in front of the bracket, for size 40-44 and size 46/48 in parenthesis, separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

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Material: BERGarn BERGAMO, 550 (600/700) g in orange No. 11. Prym knitting needles No. 5-51/2 and No. 51/2-6 and a 40 cm long circular needles No. 5-51/2,

Rib pattern: Knit 2 sts, 2 sts in alternation.

Smooth left: Back left, back right M.

Basic pattern: M number divisible by 4.

1. R: * 1 M li, 2 sts, 1 ml, from * wdh.

2nd row: * 1 st, 1 YO, 2 sts, then slip the stocking over the 2 garter sts, repeat 1 st *

3rd and 4th R: The sts as they appear. Always repeat the 1st to 4th Rs

Braid: Knit over 10 sts or 15 sts.

1st row: 10 sts, while doing so, spread 5 times 1 st in cross-thread str = 15 sts.

2. R and all following returns: 15 sts.

3rd row: Work 5 sts in front of the work with an auxiliary, 5 sts, then the sts of the auxiliaries, 5 sts.

5th and 7th round: knit 15 times.

9th row: 5 sts, put 5 sts behind the needle with a needle, knit 5 sts, then knit sts.

11th and 13th round: knit 15 times. Repeat 3rd to 14th R after 1st and 2nd rounds.

Stitch sample: With needles No. 51/2-6 in the basic pattern: 14M and 20 R = 10 cm x 10 cm. The 15 M braids are about 7 inches wide.

Decreases: Work at the beginning of R, 1 st in stocking st and 1 st, then work 1 coat (1 st in front, 1 st in garter st, and draw off st from st); Work 5 sts in front of the R-end, then knit 2 sts, 1 st, 1 ml, edge st.

Back piece: Cast on 70 (78/86) sts with needles no. 5-51 / 2 and work 4 cm in cuff pattern, beginning from row 1 st, edge st, 1 st, 2 sts left, end st with 1 st. Then work with needles no. 51/2-6 in the basic pattern, on both sides additionally work 1 edge piece. When piece measures 47 (45/42) cm, cast off 4 sts for both armholes, then remove for raglan chaps in every 2 rows of R 24 (26/29) x 1 sts, then the remaining 14 (18/20) sts for Shut down the neckline.

Front: Start from the back, but knit as follows from rib with number 51/2-6: randm, 24 (28/32) M basic pattern, 5 sts in stocking st (= 6 sts in total), 10 or 15 sts pigtail, 5 sts in stocking st, 24 (28/32) sts in pattern, margins = 75 (83/91) sts. At 47 (45/42) cm cast off both sides for armholes 1x 4 sts, then for raglan chamfers in every 2nd R 20 (22/25) x 1 sts, then close the remaining 27 (31/33) sts for the neckline.

Left sleeve: Cast on 30 (30/38) sts with needles no. 5-51 / 2 and knit 4 cm in cuff, starting from the 1st row with edge st, 1 st, 2 sts left. Continue with needles no. 51/2-6 as follows: randm, 4 (4/8) M basic pattern, 5 sts in stocking st, 10 or 15 sts in braid, 5 sts in stocking st, 4 (4/8) sts in stock, Margins 35 = 35 (35/43) sts after the 1st row. For the bevels on each side, use 6 R 6 (2/4) x 1 st and every 4th R 11 (17/14) x 1 st each side Increase = 69 (73/79) M. At 47 cm height work the armholes and raglan bevels on the right edge as on the back, on the left edge as on the front. Cast off 3 times 3 sts and 1x 5 sts after the last front decrease at this edge in each 2nd row and work 3 times 2 sts in the first 6 rows.

Right sleeve: Knit the same way.

Completion: Stretch the parts and allow to dry under damp cloths. Close the raglan seams, then the sleeve and side seams. For the cut-out trim, use the circular needle to re-work the disused 14 (18/20) sts of the back piece, knitting the first and last 2 sts together (= 12 (16/18) sts); Take 12 sts each time from the sleeves, and then work in the sts on the front piece, knitting the first and last 2 sts together and knit 5 times 2 sts in the middle 15 sts (= 20 (24/26) sts) = 56 (64/68) M in total. Now work 3 rounds, then cast off M, knit.

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