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Knitting pattern sweater with ring sleeves in the style of MARC JACOBS

DIY Easy College Varsity Letter Sweater | ANN LE (May 2019).


Knitting is the stitch of the season. That's why we present a trend model of the catwalk in each issue - with detailed instructions for copying.


Gr. 36-38 and 40-42 (For sizes 36-38 different data for size 40-42 are behind the slash.)

Material: Lana Grossa "New Soft" (70% cotton, 30% microfiber, approx. 85 m / 50 g), 550/600 g in beige Fb. 19, 50 g each in pink Fb. 17, in brown Fb. 20 and Orange Fb. 06. Knitting Needles No. 7-8.

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Waistband pattern:2 sts, 2 sts alternating.

Basic pattern: garter sts = back and forth sts.

Pattern of Sleeves: * 6 R Beige, 2 R Orange, 6 R Beige, 6 R Pink, 6 R Beige, 4 R Brown, from * repeat these 30 Rs.

Mesh sample: 15 sts and 25 sts = 10 x 10 cm.

This sweater is ideal for all returnees who have not used the needles for a long time. Because the material can be entangled very well, and thanks to the thick needles No. 7- 8, a success is also very quickly visible. Start with a stitch sample from the original yarn: For your sample, apply twice as many stitches as indicated in the sample and knit at least 15 cm in the basic pattern. The stitches are counted in the middle part. If your mesh sample matches the instructions, you can start working immediately. If you have more stitches at 10 cm, take one needle gauge higher, have fewer stitches than indicated, and use thinner needles. Always start a new ball at the beginning of the row. Otherwise knots and stitched threads are visible in the knit later. Calculating the thread length for the stop: For fine yarn with needle size 2 - 3.5, one stitch per stitch is calculated as 1 cm thread, for medium thread with needle gauge 4 - 5 approx. 1.5 cm per stitch and 2 cm for thick thread. Additionally about 20 cm extra thread. Calculate thread length and start here with the 1st stitch of the attack. The thread running over the index finger always comes off the ball.

Back : Cast on 74/82 sts in beige and knit 6 cm waistband pattern. Continue working in the basic pattern. When piece measures 44/42 cm, bind off 1 st at each side 1x 3 sts, dec 1 st in every other row = 58/66 sts. When piece measures 70 cm total all sts.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but for the neckline cast off the middle 22 sts after 63 cm total length and finish both sides separately. Cast off 5 times 1 st in every 2nd row for the neckline. After 70 cm total length cast off the 13/17 shoulder sts.

Sleeves: Cast 47/50 sts in beige and start immediately with the basic pattern and the stripe sequence. For the sleeve slope after 25 cm on both sides 1x 1 st, in each 12th st still 3x 1 st = 55/58 sts. For the arm ball after 43/42 cm remove 1x 3 sts on both sides, in each 2nd st 13 / 14x 1 sts Cast off 2x 2 and the remaining 15/16 sts.

Finishing: Close the shoulder seams, sew in the sleeves, then close the side and sleeve seams. If necessary, crochet the neckline with 1 round solid M in beige.

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