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Knitting pattern knit sweater in the style of VPL

Pamela's Patterns - #112 UnMentionables Worth Mentioning Techniques (April 2019).


Jerk, ready! Knitted with fancy yarn smooth right. It could not be easier.

Pure nature! White, beige and brown nuances dominate the current collection of VPL.

"Jerk, ready"

Material: Lana Grossa "Lampone" (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, approx. 135 m = 50 g), 250 (300) (350) g ​​in nature Fb. 009, knitting needles No. 4-4, 5

Waist pattern: Garter ribs = right and left right M. Basic pattern: plain right = front right M and back left M.

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Pattern: * Cross 2 M to the right, 1 M to the left (= Fall-M), repeat from *. In the back, knit the sts as they appear. After some R, slip the left M = Fall-M off the needle by taking 1 stub on the needle. Knit this envelope in the next row on the left and after a few R, let it slide off the needle again.

Stitch samples: (smooth right) 20 M and 30 R = 10 x 10 cm (fitting pattern) 14 M and 28 R = 10 x 10 cm


The arrow in the section shows the knitting direction!

Back: Cast on 31 (35) (39) sts for sleeve, knit 1 st in left sts, then divide sts as follows: edge sts, 17 sts

5 case M, 12 (16) (20) M basic pattern, edge M. Knit in this division and after 5 cm cast on the left side 1x 60 sts for the back piece length = 91 (95) (99) sts. Divide this st in the back as follows: edge st, 8 sts (= garter st), 64 (68) (72) M basic pattern,

17 M Passenmuster, Rand-M. When piece measures 46 (50) (54) cm, cast off at left edge 1x 60 sts = 31 (35) (39) sts and knit another 5 cm sleeve. When decoupling, slide the case-M off the needle, working for each case-M 3-4 mesh so that the edge does not contract.

Front: Knit as the back.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams on both sides 16 (18) (20) cm. For the front and back sleeve panels, pick up 32 (36) (40) sts and work them over these 64 (72) (80) sts 4 cm (= garter sts). Close the sleeve and side seams.

Note: Due to the knitting direction, the sweater will be slightly longer when worn.

Here you can download the knitting pattern:

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