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Knitting pattern short sleeve sweater in the style of Chanel

Round neck with Double border (April 2019).


This Chanel style short sleeve sweatshirt is an ideal model for the experienced. Here you will find our free guide.


Gr. 36/38 and 42/44 (in brackets) If there is only one indication, this applies to both sizes.)

Material: Schachenmayr wool "Jazz" (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, approx. 125 m / 50 g), 350 (400) g in white Fb. 01, 50 g each in red Fb. 30, yellow Fb, Turquoise Fb. 65, Pool Fb. 66 and Black Fb. 99, knitting needles No. 3, 5-4, for the cuffs a needles game No. 3, 5-4.

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Waistband pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts in stocking sts.In the stripe sequence 4 R White, 4 R Red alternately.

Basic pattern: M number divisible by 15 + 1 + edge-M. After the knitting work. The 1st-112th Repeat R There are drawn the roundabout.

Mesh sample (basic pattern): 23 M and 37 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 94 (106) sts in white and cast off 14 cm = 44 R in the waistband pattern and stripe sequence. For the basic pattern after every 6th round increase 14 times (17x) 1 st = 108 (123) sts. Divide the sts as follows: edge sts, 7x (8x) the repeat, 1 st after the repeat, edge sts. In the basic pattern, cast off 17 (15) cm straight, then dec 1 st on each side 6 sts = 132 (147) sts. For approx. 37 cm shoulder sts cast off 15x 3 sts (10x 3 and 5x 4 sts) on both sides. For the neckline after 42 cm basic pattern, bind off the middle 32 (37) sts and finish both sides separately. For rounding, remove in each 2nd R 2x 2 and 1x 1 st.

Front part: work like the back part, but for the V-neck after 22 cm basic pattern divide the work in the middle, for Gr. 42/44 cast off the middle sts. For the slant in every 2nd R, remove 10x 1 sts, then every 4th R 11x (13x) 1 sts as follows: At the R-end in front of the edge sts M 2 M on the right side coated zusammenstr, on the other side at the R Start after the edge-M 2 M right together.

Sleeve: Cast on 76 sts in white and knit 4 cm in the waistband pattern. For the basic pattern increase 1 st on both sides = 78 sts. Divide the sts as follows: edge sts, 5x the repeat, 1 st after the repeat, edge sts. Work in basic pattern, increasing both sides in each 14th round for every 14th sleeve. R 3x 1 sts (each 6 rows 7 times 1 st) = 84 (92) sts. For upper sleeve diem after 13 cm pattern sts on both sides in every 2nd row 9x Cast off 4 sts then cast off the remaining 12 (20) sts.

Completion: Close shoulder seams. From the neckline, take 157 sts in white (cut-out each 56 sts, front center 1 sts, back sts 44 sts) and in the garter st, in the front center in each 2nd round 3 sts on the right side. Bind off all sts after 3 cm stop width. Sew in the sleeves as indicated, then close the side and sleeve seams.

Arm warmers: Cast on 44 sts in white (11 sts per needle) and 2 cm garter st. For the basic pattern increase 1 st = 45 sts. Stripe sequence: 4 rows each white, 4 rows of colors like the sweater. Pattern: always 2 lifting sts, 3 color sts. After approx. 24 cm, work 2 cm of the white pattern and bind off the sts.

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