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Knitting Pattern Maxi-Tank Top in the style of Veronique Branquinho

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The airy model is also fun for beginners. Knitted smooth right, the ribbon yarn ensures a lively look.

Maxi tank top with deep V-neck

Gr. 38/40 and 42/44. The figures for size 42/44 are in brackets. If only one specification exists, this applies to both sizes

Material: ONline wool "LINE 280 JAM" (72% cotton, 28% polyamide, 95 m = 50 g), 400 (450) g ​​in blue jeans

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No. 05, knitting needles No. 5 and No. 7.

Bundle pattern: (needles no. 5) 1 st on the right, knit 1 st on the left side alternately.

Basic pattern: (Needles no. 7) Smooth right = Knit left and right sts.

Mesh test: 14 M and 20 R = 10 x 10 cm.


The tank top is knitted in one piece. For the back piece 75 (81) cast on M with needles no. 5 and knit 5 cm waistband pattern. Continue working with needles no. 8 in the basic pattern. For the neckline after 68 cm basic pattern, bind off the middle 9 sts and finish both front pieces separately. For rounding, remove in each 2nd row 1x2 and 1x1 sts and continue working for the remaining 30 (33) sts. For the armholes after 95 (97) cm basic pattern on the right edge increase 1x 6 sts and knit another 45 (43) cm over these 36 (39) sts. Knit 5 cm with needles no. 5 and knit left st. Mesh test: 14 M and 20 R = 10 x 10 cm. Knit the border pattern, then bind off the sts. 2. Front half work the same.

Finish: Knit all panels with needles no. 5 in the border pattern, taking the edges out of 3 R 2 sts. For the sleeve panels from the back * to the front piece, pick up -‣ 60 (66) sts and work 3 cm, then cast off the sts. For the cut-out trim, grasp 199 sts (front edges 90 sts each, rear edge 19 sts) and knit 5 cm. Close the bottom 5 cm of the cutout panel. Close the side seams from * to *, then sew on the narrow sides of the panels.

Here you can download the knitting pattern:

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