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Knitting Pattern Short sweater in the style of Emporio Armani

Turtleneck Sweater Women Fashion 2018 Autumn Winter Black Tops Women Knitted Pullovers Long Sleeve J (June 2019).


Knitting is the stitch of the season. That is why we present trend models from the catwalk - with detailed instructions for copying. The sweater in the style of Emporio Armani is easy and fast knitted. The free knitting instructions can be found below.


Material: Lana Grossa wool "Nuvola" (88% virgin wool Merino extrafine, 12% polyamide, 150 m = 50 g), 200 (250) g ​​in light gray Fb. 9, knitting needles No. 4, 5-5.

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Basic pattern:Smooth left = front left M and right rear M str.

Mesh test: 18 M and 27 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back and front are knitted in one piece.

Back: Cast on 82 (90) sts, knit the 1st and 2nd R right sts, then start with the basic pattern. For the 5 small folds in the waist, after 8 cm, mark the following sts: in a row after the edge st at the 18th (22) sts on the right and 9x every 5 sts on the right st, 17 (21) sts left, edge-M. After 6 cm = 16 R work once again these markings. For the cut sleeves increase after 27 cm on both sides in each 2nd round 8x1, 1x2 and 1x12 sts = 126 (134) sts. After 52 (54) cm the shoulder is reached. For the neckline, bind off the middle 42 sts and separate on both sides on 42 (46) sts 2 cm each. For the front neckline, join both sides with 42 newly struck M and finish over all 126 (134) sts the front piece opposite the back piece, not forgetting the pleat marking after 38 and 44 (40 and 46) cm from shoulder.

Completion: Incorporate 5 pleats into the front and back as described below. Close the side and sleeve seams.

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The knitting instructions can be downloaded here:

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