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Knitting pattern sweater in the style of Les Copains

Les Copains Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear MFW (June 2019).


Knitting is the stitch of the season. That's why we present a trend model of the catwalk in each issue - with detailed instructions for copying. The patterns of the sweater in the style of Les Copains require some attention.


Material: Schachenmayr wool "Laluca Cotton" (50% cotton, 50% polyamide, 65 m / 50 g), 650 (700) g in silver gray Fb. 00091, knitting needles No. 4, 5 and 5.

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Waistband pattern: (needles no. 4, 5) 1 st right, 1 st left for change str.

Aperture pattern: (Needles No. 4, 5) M-number divisible by 4 + margin-M. After the knitting work. There are drawn the roundabout. 1x the 1.-5. R str., Then the 2.-5. Repeat R always.

Basic pattern: (Needles No. 5) M-number divisible by 4 + edge-M. Work according to the knitting pattern: Rand-M, 2 sts before the repeat, Repeat repeat, 2 sts after repeat, Rand-M. There are drawn the roundabout. 1x the 6.-10. R str, then the 7th-10th Repeat R always.

Mesh Samples: (Shade Pattern / Needles No. 4.5) 15 M and 22 R = 10 x 10 cm, (Basic Pattern / Needles No. 5) 15 M and 18 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 78 (86) sts, start with the iris pattern in the back, then the 2nd - 5th. R always wdh. After 16 cm continue working in the basic pattern: For this 1x the 6.-10. R, then the 7th-10th Repeat R always. For the cut sleeves, after 32 (29) cm total length on both sides increase 1x 8 sts = 94 (102) sts and continue in basic pattern. After 52 cm total length bind off the sts.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but for the neckline after 42 cm total length cast off the middle 14 sts and finish both sides separately. For the cut-out bevel at the inner edge in every 2nd R 8x 1 sts. After 52 cm total length, bind off the 32 (40) shoulder sts.

Sleeves: Cast on 46 (50) sts and work 5 cm. Continue working in the basic pattern, starting with the 6th row of the knitting pattern. For each sleeve turn, inc 1 st on every 8th 8x1 sts (every 6th row R 10x1 sts) = 62 (70) sts. Divide the patterns in height as follows: 11 cm basic pattern, 16 cm iris pattern, 8 cm basic pattern, 2 cm aperture pattern. After 42 cm total length bind off the sts.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams. For the cut-out trim, grasp 82 sts (front 50 sts, 32 sts at back) and 12 cm garter sts. Bind off the sts loosely, fold the trim twice and sew on loosely.

The knitting instructions can be downloaded here:

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