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Knitting pattern cap and loop scarf in mottled mauve

Knitting Tutorial - Fisherman's Rib Hat and Scarf (May 2019).


With this knitting instructions, the winter blues are on the collar: with a hat and a loop scarf you knit two gaudy good-mood makers!

From: Sabrina - the knitting journal, published monthly in the OZ publishing house


  • for the loop 250 g and for the cap 100 g purple mottled virgin wool yarn (LL approx. 100 m / 50 g).
  • 1 pair of PONY-Schnellstrick-N and a PONY-N-Spiel Nr 5.


Size: 30 cm wide, about 150 cm circumference

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Basic pattern: M number divisible by 20 + 13 + 2 Rdm. Lt knitting arb. Drawn are the Hinr. In the back of sts, as they appear or as indicated. Start with 1 Rdm and the M in front of the MS, MS 2 x str, end with the M after the MS and 1 Rdm. The 1st - 10th R always wdh.

Mesh sample: 18.5 M and 22 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Instructions: 55 M and in the basic pattern str. After 149 cm = 328 R from the stop, cast off all sts. Sew on the stop edge with the binding edge. Braid a braid of 9 threads 172 cm long and sew on the loop as follows: Along the seam starting at the left edge of the second braid to the glare strip at the right side edge and from there along the gl-re-strip around the loop.


Head circumference: 50 - 52 cm Rib pattern in round: 1 st, 1 ml in alternation.
Braid over 8 sts in round: 1st - 16th round: right M; ROUND 17: Crochet 8 sts on right (= 4 sts in front of work on an auxiliary N, 4 sts, then M of auxiliary sts); 18th - 26th round: re M; Rd 27: 8 m after recr. 28th - 39th round: right M.
Gli in Rd: always left M.

Average mesh size: 15 M and 22.5 Rd = 10 x 10 cm.

Instructions: 72 sts with the N-match (= 18 sts in each), close to the round and knit 10 cm in a rib pattern for the waistband. Continue with the following division: * 8 sts braid, 10 sts gl, off * 3 more times. To reduce the width after 15 cm = 34 rounds off the waistband, the first two sts after each pigtail and the last two sts before each pigtail left = 64 sts. These decreases still 3 times in each row. Rd arb = 40 sts Then knit every 3 sts = 24 sts each time and then add sts with work thread. Make a pompon with a diameter of 12 cm and sew on the center of the hat.

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